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"Throughout 2022, I've had many ups and downs. During those times, I consulted Avery for readings...several of them. His insight and clarity allowed me to refocus my attention where it should have been; on my writing. With Avery's guidance, as well as a lot of introspection and meditation, I have shed so many things that were weighing me down and not only finished my ninth novel but published it as well. Avery is truly a spiritual advisor and mentor. He possesses an honest gift. He is a true blessing."

- P

"Avery's sagacity has consistently surprised me over the years that I have known him. But still the most impressive time was when I first spoke with him, wanting to pick his brain on a contentious magical issue. He woke up at the crack of dawn on his end to give me a consultation which provided me with thought-provoking answers to several deliberately testing questions. From there he has gifted me with pithy and poetic penetration into mystical topics whenever I have spoken with him, including on such things as; inner work, alchemy, spirits, destiny and divination. And he has done this in a way which has always struck the fine balance on the sliding scale of acknowledging my strengths, tolerating my eccentricity and calmly calling me out on my BS."

- Toby

"Get ready to dive deep with Avery. A knowledgeable and thorough teacher. The passion behind his teachings will resonate on a soul level. I still use his teachings daily to this day. Consistency is key to tarot he teaches to practice at your own speed. Get ready to receive downloads and learn the language with the universe."

- J

Seldom dreams group tarot classes created a safe and friendly community where I could practice the craft while making life long friends. I saw the cards in a way I never thought about before as there was endless details about the individual meanings and the relationships they share with one another. I have watched endless YouTube tutorials on reading tarot cards but this was different and interactive. I had my questions answered on spot. I also had so much fun chatting with everyone on the channel while getting my cards read during the live reading sessions!

- Venusrising

Avery Woodbury is truly an exceptional intuitive reader, astrologer, and teacher. I'm eternally grateful to have stumbled upon his YouTube channel years ago. His priceless wisdom has helped me to become more integrated, more confident, and more deeply rooted in my highest truth. I have purchased multiple services and products from him and without hesitation recommend him to all my friends.

- J. Rios

Avery's teachings came at a time when I tore open a massive wound from the past and needed introspection so it could heal properly. Through his teachings and insight, I was able to get a better grasp on things and see that this was more about me than anyone else. I have since changed my outlook on myself, interactions with others and am on the path to realizing my best spiritual self. Would I enlist his services again? Without question. In fact, Ill be signing up for all levels. Thank you Avery.

- Steven R