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Events and Parties

Your private event deserves experiences your guests will cherish for years to come. Seldom Dreams provides unforgettable tarot readings and occult presentations, and will seamlessly match the vibe for your occasion. 

  • Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties
  • Corporate and Business Parties
  • Weddings
  • Birthday and Graduation Parties
  • Fairs and Festivals
  • Friends’ Night Out
  • Online Events

Spine chilling readings and spirit touching presentations inspire prolific life visions that will challenge the toughest and oldest of souls. Allow your guests to be mesmerized, entertained, and inspired to be with you for the important event you have planned.


Tarot is a practice designed to reflect the inner workings of the querent, or person receiving the reading. The result is created by the physical or energetic participation in shuffling the cards with a given intention. Seldom Dreams reads tarot using occult practices backed by years of study devoted to the cards. Interpretations are made from diction, patterns, correlations, and correspondences with the spread laid out in front of the querent. 

The querent does not need to tell Seldom Dreams their question or reveal any information about themselves. The psychic reading is performed purely from the results of the cards, and their interpretations can be justified accordingly. Readings can be done for individuals, duos, and groups.

Proper readings for an individual, duo, or group at an event take 3-30 minutes. Depending on the number of guests, strategies will be coordinated between Seldom Dreams and the host to be sure every guest may receive a fulfilling and timely reading.


In a world before the physical, there lies energy. Our souls command more than just the vessel through the perceived 5 senses, and inner work can bring about real world change. Seldom Dreams Presentations explore the world of Magick, including the practicalities energy work, spirits, and the development of ESP. Seasoned enthusiasts , the professional workplace, and the social gathering are all audiences that will benefit from an awakening soul experience.

Please coordinate with Seldom Dreams the theme or topic you would like covered and discussed for your event.


Please email the following with the title “Booking Request for Seldom Dreams”

  • Date of event
  • Time and duration
  • Number of guests
  • Location
  • Venue information
  • Parking or transit information
  • Type of event
  • Services Requested

Upon review, we will provide you an invoice with a breakdown of the cost of the event based upon the above information.

Seldom Dreams primarily serves New England and New York State within the United States. If your event is in the United States but outside the northeast region, long distance traveling costs will be applied.