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Terms of Service and Refund Policy

For Live Personal Readings

After purchase, the querent (or the customer) will schedule with the calendar app or link in the product description. If there are any specifications or request before the live reading the querent should email Seldom Dreams immediately following purchase . After the reading, the querent will be emailed a photo of their spread upon request. Live readings may be recorded by the querent.

The querent may request a refund or to reschedule no less than 3 hours before the scheduled meeting. If the querent does not show up and is over 10 minutes late to the call it will be deemed a no-show and the purchase is not refundable.


For Prerecorded Media and Products

If a product is not delivered within 21 days the product is open for a refund, which will be made upon return of the physical product if applicable. If the product is received damaged, contact to send the damaged product and receive a new replacement. Refunds for damaged products are at the review of Seldom Dreams.


For All Products and Services

No product or service replaces legal, financial, medical, or therapeutic counseling equipment or services. Seldom Dreams reserves the right to track and use customer data.