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Why Meat, and Meat Products Work Against You

Written by Joshua Adams 

This article is not medical advice and should not be taken as such, rather it is a synopsis of conversations and considerations by occultists in regard to the potential effects and or benefits of the modern diet and lifestyle on practitioners of magic and energy work. For brevity we will focus on some key dietary choices for the occultist, and then highlight some of the most agreed upon lifestyle practices when put together will only benefit one’s abilities.

Without a doubt the food stuffs we ingest have an energetic impact on our being, as does quantity and quality of our meals. The ingredients in soft drinks, energy drinks ,etc are far removed from humanity’s not so distant past and are through research being considered as a primary cause for many of the health problems in modern society. The human body, especially the base genetic operation for metabolism has not fared well in the industrialized world and the convenience of access to food 24/7, which is exacerbated even more by the questionable chemicals and artificial ingredients in the factory farmed and produced foods. The area of nutrition alone is one so broad that an article such as this simply could not cover all of the physiological values, the range of ingredients and recipes, or agreed upon benefits from the occult/energetic perspectives. The importance of healthy lifestyle choices including exercise, temperance, and beneficial practices including meditation, the right way of walking, and natural cleanses of the gastrointestinal tract, renal system, and skin.

The impact of lifestyle and dietary decisions has a profound influence on a person’s spiritual growth and development. For the occult practitioner this is an area of their incarnation that cannot be underestimated or disregarded. Beginning with one of the most controversial nutritional debates among those who practice magic, whether or not the ingestion of meat, and meat products negatively affects our energy body and subsequently our clairvoyance and abilities overall. The simple answer is yes, eating meat and meat products negatively effects our energetic totality, it is known to bring about in the long term cumulative deleterious health conditions in the physical body. 

The hindrances are figuratively ingested when meat is actually ingested. This is due to the Energy Consciousness previously producing sentience within the form of animal or creature that a being subdues, kills, butchers, or more simply purchases from the convenience market. The Energy Consciousness is the sum of the fundamental forces blended and expressed as being, or POV within the Matrix. The sentient emanation of Source producing a multitude of sentient beings, Energy Conscious taking the form of avatar within the myriad Creation. This Energy while any creature has life, imbues itself to the physical manifestation of that life. There are levels of awareness to which beings of sentience exist with in this Matrix. The lowest level are the stones, then there are the plants and the trees, moving upward in density of consciousness through the animal kingdom and then arriving at the human density of consciousness, a brighter, illumination of awareness energy spread across the divided densities within this pillar of the Matrix construct. The lowest levels of sentient awareness existing in their physical forms, if ingested into our avatar form has a far less effect on our energetic totality. The consumption of nuts, fruits, green vegetables, minerals and vitamins have the most equitable integration and least deleterious affect our energy totality. On the other hand, animals such as beef cattle, chicken, and swine have in their avatar sentient state before harvesting and butchering the highest intensity of awareness density as far as commonly consumed meat sources. chimps, gorillas, dolphins, and elephants would have an even higher Energy Consciousness imprint upon their physical remains if they were digested as a food source. 

It is the sentient emanation energy that enlivens the avatar form that can negatively effect a being who consumes the physical remains, or meat food stuffs which carry the imbued imprinting of the sentient energy on the consumed physical remains. This processing of meat and meat products into the avatar being brings new meaning to the phrase “you are what you eat” as the signature of sentience on the physical matter consumed brings discordant and disharmonious affect on a person’s energy body. This is further exacerbated by the modern factory farming techniques which creatures such as cattle, swine, and fowl are subjected to in the commercialized, overcrowded and hormone laced farm production methods utilized today. 

It is truly a brutal system of factory farming that mega corporations and mega farms have implemented across the nation and around the world. The very treatment alone taints a consumer of the meat flesh, but underlying even this is the sentient residue, the after effect of energy consciousness left upon the meat flesh. Once ingested, this must be dealt with during the digestive process and the time for which the meat is passing through one’s being, one’s energy body totality avatar form. It is all a recipe for disharmony and discordant energies reverberating out of alignment, ultimately lowering one’s primary frequency. This is not the direction the clairvoyant or the practitioner would want this to go. In fact the opposite. It is through meditation and beneficial lifestyle practices that we remedy such disharmony in our energy body. First and foremost one should seriously consider removing meat, and meat products from their home and most especially from their diet.