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Transformation Therapy & The Occult

Written by Joshua Adams

In today’s rapidly changing world the acceleration in the evolution of both markets and the jobs industry is presenting new opportunities for income and business venture. 

It is my hope, along with many other of my fellow witches and the greater pagan movement, that we as a community take part in this revolution by assisting and supporting workers transition into some of the new areas of work. Job growth in areas such as home and care and nurse auxiliary represents two of the top twenty fastest growing occupations in the western world. This rapid growth is paralleled with an increase in personal trainers and physical trainers who often make us of more esoteric disciplines and methods to help their clients. Yoga and meditation being two of these, other techniques such as visualization and chanting are now being incorporated by some of the most sought after personal trainers and life coaches working today. These methods and activities are not foreign to the shaman or the witch, as we use these same elements in our own lives to distinctly improve in a positive manner the way in which we engage with the world around us. 

A reshaping of communal living and design architecture of cities and towns are likely to become a key feature of the world of tomorrow. This can only be enhanced by the personal development of the individuals who populate these regions, essentially reinforcing the single roles people play within a society to unleash ever greater potential from the collective. Unleashing such inner potential that has remained largely dormant within the vast majority of people. Ridding one’s self from limiting beliefs, and then reshaping the day to day routines according to the tight and structured routines of the witch. Routines that include the breaking of routines and Not-Doings of the shamanic practices but none the less, positive reinforcement of behaviors which strengthen mind, body, and spirit. Rapid Transformation Therapy uses a form of hypnotherapy that can be self induced and is nearly identical Tratakam, which is the mastery of self-hypnosis and fixed concentration. The form that is taught in order perform scrying with the black mirror or the crystal glass. 

Two of the lifestyle areas every witch must contend with and improve in order to effectively practice the craft and develop the subtle aspects of their avatar’s awareness to focus their intent and claim their power are nutrition and the sleep cycle. The epidemic of obesity combined with simultaneous malnutrition should give everyone who understands this juxtaposition pause; the fact that the same people joining the increasing rates of the obese and morbidly obese are being tested and identified as suffering from moderate and extreme cases of malnutrition. This points to not only lack of physical exercise and extremely poor food choice and overall dietary intake but to the ingredients that are included in so many commercial foods being essentially poison. It is a well known fact among medical experts and nutritionist that the poor diets people are subjecting themselves to in the western world is actually causing more deaths than smoking. This combination of sedentary lifestyles and poor diet effects the ability of individuals when they attempt to rest during the body’s sleep cycle. The inability to fall asleep and stay asleep is becoming an issue among a larger segment of society. The department of health and human services reports chronic insomnia in over thirty percent of the adult population; with independent analysts indicating it could be as high as fifty percent of adults in the western world.

The practice of magick science and the craft of witches is so much more successful in the disciplined person. In fact many of the advanced rituals within high magick require levels of focus and concentration and a healthy enough body to complete the tasks involved. Some rituals requiring significant stamina in order to complete the rites and finish them properly. 

There is an awakening occurring among people that is matched by the chaos and instability we see happening in the world today. These things are not isolated unto themselves but facets of the observable world which are energetically and intimately tied together. The self discipline of the serious occultist has a future if so desired in the personal training rapid lifestyle transformation therapy. Technology of course allows one to connect with clients online adding to the one on one time with someone seeking to radically change their life. With the receding attendance in churches around the western world and the openness predominant in the generation X and millennial generation, the attitudes towards both occult teachings and practices are becoming much friendlier. This has led me to ponder how the structured and disciplined life of the sorcerer or witch could enhance both ourselves (financially) and the societies we live in. So in short, I envision a world where the esoteric teaching of the occult along with behavioral and physical training therapy, and that of modern technology converge for mutual benefit. For a healthier world, in mind, body, and spirit, one that witches such as ourselves can help shape for the betterment of all.