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The World Dream and the Dreamscape Collective

Written by Joshua Adams

What is truth and what is an illusion? A question which is growing among occultists and theorists essentially for the metaphysical ramifications of the potential truth in wisdom as to the ultimate answer for which Man seeks resolution. To overcome our worldly nature, our amnesia to that of our spiritual nature. From Simulation Theory to the Electric Ether and a universe composed of sentient energy and nothing else as being responsible for manifesting the experiential phenomenal cosmos the possibilities are hopefully being narrowed down. Narrowed down to the 

fundamental bedrock, but for what purpose?

To restore to individuals and the greater collective their sovereignty. To restore their power and directed effect upon our ascension, thereby restoring it to it’s just place according to divine law, unto our collective and individual divine right. Restored from where, from whom?

Restored from a vertically integrated concentration of corrupted dominion, from a corruption of self serving groups and hierarchies that have no right to possess control for their own self serving purposes and lower polarity alignment of service to self and dominion over others incarnate here amid the myriad of the World Dream. Reversed to a restoration by a counter force of our Will and ascended consciousness and essence of sentient force. 

Is this even possible? What is the composition and the wherewith all by which this restoration can be gleaned by the masses? Is it even necessary for all to understand the depths of Creation to that of Hermes or the Devil himself to intervene as a collective on our behalf? And if this intervention were to be according to a plan or design laid down from the beginning of Creation, by that of the Maker, would we still yet be intervening on our own behalf at all?

Certainly it is possible, and even prophesied. It is the by and through the ether (ethyr) of the creation we find ourselves within. By and according to the emanations of the preternatural One Source, the Godhead beyond the genesis veil. The maker and creator of the eternal fabric of all reality. It is challenging to bring to our consciousness a straightforward framework or logic structure for the mind when half of this reality exists in the metaphysical abstract. The concepts which come to consciousness more directly than to the mind; more akin to a knowingness that transcends the ordered thoughts of mind are deftly superior. However, we work within these limitations to bring order in reconciliation among an incarnate collective, of knowledge and wisdom for a basis, an accounting of this place. Whereby the greater restoration will emerge for us all. 

The purpose of gnosis, beheld for an illumination of the situation, and from understanding and strategy might be arranged and propagated, absent of fear and for a greater restoration. For a starting point consider an emergent gnosis involving a kind of grand cosmic awakening might be acknowledged. And with this for the purposes of this article a handful of points presented briefly as a start. To eschew needless google searches I will endeavor to describe the ‘one hundred monkeys’ phenomenon. This is an observable and recorded phenomenon in which an isolated family or clan of monkeys or primates in general will suddenly begin exhibiting a new behavior or activity. This new behavior or activity after careful study and reference be seemingly isolated to a particular group or area of close observation, only to then in a fairly short period of time be spotted in groups or areas many miles or even on continents on the other side of the earth. So, a brand new behavior or activity never observed in all of recorded primate studies which then seemingly begins spontaneously appearing around the globe between utterly isolated groups of monkeys and primates. Often this ‘spontaneous’ spread will occur within a quite narrow time frame, be it a year or perhaps two following it’s first initial recorded observation. These sentient animals of the forest, without means of communication and interaction have by this phenomenon left many researchers perplexed after observing such events.

Truly, it all goes back to the collective dreamscape of the World Dream and the ether of fundamental reality which is created by the same divine, and fundamental forces which establish the mono-reality as well as produce the force of living sentience of our own and every creature’s living being within the creation that vicariously experience it. There are now great metaphysical events happening, changes are occurring within the perturbations of the ether of the dielectric / magnetic EM - Soft Light / Hard Light matrix mono-reality is the escalating curve of their frequency and extremity of divergence. There is a seeming convergence towards a crescendo; quite possibly a collective ascension / raising of the density of consciousness upon a zenith wherein a supernal cycle of cosmic evolution takes place shifting individual and collective sentience into a new modality of eon reality. The forces of this begin locally with our home star. Our stellar object, Sol, experienced in phenomenal reality as a 'star' may be considered a Logos of the Infinite Intelligence emanated in manifestation, that of the fundamental forces which our incarnate energy totality as a myriad of counterpart points of perception of sentience force awareness continuously intercept to establish in perpetual genesis the World Dream holographic universe (One Song). Our own consciousness constituted of blended ingredients wrought out of blended frequencies and magnitudes, also of the fundamental forces which 'originate' from an 'abode' that can be considered a non local, ephemeral, pantheon of the dwelling Prime Formulation Force Sentience - that is itself composed in substance of the four fundamental forces which are themselves the supernal quartet of living sentient energy. The convergence to a seeming crescendo would be 'guided' by a preeminent phenomenal artifact, or Logos body; this being Sol our home star.

Between the fallacy of theoretical physics today, the Einstein and Feynman variety where academia has failed utterly to explain so-called ‘quantum entanglement’ there is to be found the basis for our phenomenal reality in that of the ether. Existing as perpetual emanations proceeding the Dweller, the One Source of all things including our sentient force, our divine essence of presence upon and by which consciousness exists within an avatar form a being shaped within the Mold of Man. This separation of ourselves from the divine Godhead is an illusion of our current state and position of experience within the genesis itself, a grand illusion just as the passage of time is. We can and will overcome this by the restoration of the connecting link to Spirit, to that abstract ephemeral substance of divine emanations that make everything possible. One truth, One freedom, born out of One Source to a greater day, one that reveals from wisdom a greater awareness of ourselves together. 

The connecting link to this can and will be restored and changes can and will be affected on a macro level. We will together by the grand design of that which is greater than ourselves restore our power and continue our evolutionary ascension. Despite any tribulation that may be required, the demiurge of corruption that would seek to derail and forestall such progress that is by divine right ours to have and experience will occur. Together by intent and the collective of energies which are part of this World Dream and it’s establishment see the defeat of self-serving hierarchies and their present, temporary dominion in this world.