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The Toltec Inheritance

Written by Joshua Adams

There are definitely a few ancient kingdoms of the world that stand out among the rest. Brought to prominence often for the historical and academic interest they receive which for mostly incidental reasons spread to become part of much broader audiences. The Aztec kingdom, the Mayan, and empire of the Inca would be examples of this. Very large academic interest then becomes the subject of books and eventually in that of television and film. These are ancient peoples that didn’t contribute an invention of any particular technology, nor the introduction of any tradition that has reached down through time to impact the world at large. They are without a doubt very interesting societies so perhaps it comes down to a matter of fascination first by scholars and then through various media conveyed into a much broader, even global recognition. History is studied by the experts of academia and their endeavors are  publicized and the proliferation of what they highlight frequently find their way into the mainstream. First in books, then television and film giving some historical peoples and places recognition surpassing that of their historical contemporaries. It seems imperative that the ancient civilizations who are responsible for making significantly interesting impacts on the world are due some attention.

Here are three of those contemporaries, ancient societies responsible for the origin of three far-reaching innovations that would in time change the world in appreciable ways. Our examples include the Tang Dynasty, the Achaemenid Persian Empire, and the Toltec civilization. From the Imperial Tang Dynasty which preceded the modern day China gave gunpowder to the world revolutionizing warfare, the Achaemenid Kingdom of Persia which preceded the modern day Iran gave to the world Algebra that is still today a core part of modern mathematics. Then there is the ancient Toltec Kingdom, a society that fostered among their traditions of shamanism an offshoot of occult knowledge and practices that would be delivered across millennia. Handed down through lineages of sorcerers and eventually spread to every corner of the world. Although the inventions of both gunpowder and algebra, their use and influence on history are more widely known, the occult system that emerged out of the Toltec society is poised and ready to bring about its own extraordinary changes. 

Geographically situated in what is modern day Mexico, the Toltec society had at one time political and socioeconomic influence that stretched as far away as the Yucatan peninsula. The Toltec kingdom existed a very long time ago, so long ago in fact the recorded stories and accounts found within the excavations of the ancient Aztec kingdom was the principle source where much of the Toltec historical record was derived.  Altepetl Tollan is the technical name for the Toltec empire, its civilization’s ruins include the ancient capital city of Tollan-Xicocotitlan, the cities making up the core of the empire such as Tulancingo, Huapalcalco, and the more distant cities like ChupícuaroChichen Itza, and Coba.

To the subject of this piece which focuses on the occult community at large and the world changing inheritance that has come from our esoteric benefactor, our occult ancestors of the Toltec society. A number of books have been written on various ancient beliefs from both the ancient East and the Western world. It is a very substantial market and one that has only benefited from the advent of the internet. 

For decades the global market has seen a steady increase in titles aimed at the ever growing spiritualist and occult audiences. Although the numbers have risen dramatically in recent years it is the early days stretching from the mid 1960s into the 1970s that stand out because this is where we find the emergence of a world changing contribution far more significant than the gun powder and the algebra. This is the decade an author by the name of Carlos Castaneda published a series of books that purportedly revealed teachings whose origin was the Toltec empire.

New age and occult interest largely eclipsed his books when the audience of occultists who for a time were enamored with Castaneda’s books collectively moved on. This is an audience who had heavily romanticized sorcery, particularly his work. Its occult myths and legends circulating decades later over the internet allowed for a renewed interest in writings steeped in esoteric mystery. This renewed consideration that the popularity of his writings in the years past paved the way for. Many of our members across the occult community, individuals who also make up a significant portion of the audience that grew and sustained growth of new age spiritualism of recent years make up this refocus on the teachings. Over several decades of new age adaptation and convergence of spiritualism and occult practices, fresh curiosities have gravitated to the shamanic mysteries where even these groups although familiar with Castaneda’s books had over the years failed to realize not only the authenticity of those teachings but the answers they offer for a troubled world. It is synchronicity from a great turning of the wheel that is bringing occultists who for years had moved on to other occult ideas and practices back around to the Toltec sorcery.

The shamanistic beliefs, customs and traditions of ancient peoples around the world including those of the Toltec society are fascinating indeed, those are inconsequential.  It is the offshoot of their sorcerer priests and their teachings that have remained largely obscure even after the publishing and wide circulation of Castaneda’s books. Fast forward to today and there is a kind of dawning upon the occult community that there is something of tremendous value to the occult world, and it is something that we have been in possession of for many years. An emerging magical system that will be recognized by modern practitioners. Teachings reintroduced in a pragmatic way that can be beneficial for so many people.

Currently within the community there are many revisiting with fresh eyes and key insights the Toltec wisdom and occult knowledge Carlos had collected and published. The goal is to craft a straightforward curriculum, both a technical and practical approach to this knowledge. A complete and functional system that we have inherited from the exceptional workings that began with Toltec sorcerer priests. Such potent seers using ever evolving methods and practices of sorcery garnered correspondence with Intent to levels only attainable by their most prodigious and accomplished men and women of knowledge. A system for individuals and groups to retrieve, manage, and manipulate the energies of our ethereal world, everything around us. For the Toltec seers it is those energies they discovered which offered them access to a key element used to connect with the One Source, with Spirit, that which they referred to as Intent. 

Ongoing work to demystify the teachings revealed by Carlos continues and is accelerating. The books contain sections in which the sorcerer and teacher, who Castaneda had spent many years in close association as an apprentice, had mixed in exaggerated and fanciful tales, these too Carlos wrote down and included in his books. Firstly, those quite bizarre and nonsensical pieces had been purposefully told to Carlos by his teacher. In truth, his teacher, or ‘benefactor’ had known all along that his lineage of sorcerers, traceable all the way back to the ancient Toltec seers was coming to its end. 

He was aware that this author, this professor and semi reluctant student apprentice was far too egotistical and self important to inherit the profound knowledge that had for so long been passed down through the lineages of sorcerers. However, it was by this very sorcery and his own mastery within its system that the teacher, and benefactor of Castaneda had been shown the way in which Spirit desired for him to pass along the potent, dangerous, and life changing esoteric system of knowledge. A system that is total and complete. A practical body of knowledge with techniques and clearly defined goals covering the restoration of one’s own energies through a regime of self discipline applied with focused, and dedicated actions. These include the subjugation of one’s own monstrous self importance. The practice of collecting high quality ephemeral energies into our own energy body. Knowledge based teaching on the innate obstacles to success and how to overcome them. The most authentic and practical methodology in the use of lucid dreaming. The tragic circumstances of our fellow man who have neither the interest nor inclination to take upon them the rigorous and arduous steps required for transforming themselves. 

It is a system that is completely and devastatingly effective for those who are willing to put in the work to reap its rewards. The system itself offers two potential outcomes, the first one is extraordinary, and the second being so profound it exists for all intent and purposes outside the bounds of words and discussion. Even for those who will have succeeded in attainment of the first possible outcome. The first being the ability to overcome the first of three principle adversaries of anyone who embarks down the path of sorcery knowledge. The ancient seers throughout the lineages of sorcerers referred to them as the principal enemies of Man. These are Fear, then Clarity, and the third is Power. 

The sorcerers who by this system which emerged as offshoots of the original and authentic Toltec teachings are transformed by their own effort, from an average man, to apprentice, to sorcerer,  it is these individuals who are rewarded victory of the first three enemies of Man. There is a fourth enemy of Man that is possible to overcome, yet very few will achieve this ultimate victory. For the average man, even hearing of a possible victory over the fourth enemy of Man is an absurd and preposterous thing. For the sorcerers who achieve victory over the first three, they perceive the fourth as  an authentic possibility, yet unfortunately for them something forever to remain just beyond their grasp. For them this is not really an issue, only a pity. 

This fourth and final enemy of Man is none other than old age, that of the natural death that comes for us all. It is the ultimate audacity according to the ancient Toltec sorcerers to have victory over the fourth enemy of Man. It is in their words a chance to have a chance. Burning from the fire from within those who were Men and Women of Knowledge, and assembled into specifically arranged groups of sorcerers before the years had its chance to defeat the body with old age, successfully managed to dart past the inevitable ending awaiting most everyone of us incarnate in this world. Escaping to what can only be referred to as the ultimate freedom for one’s own awareness. Freedom out into this unfathomable world to existences which remain even for the most knowledgeable, unspeakable in its awesomeness.