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The Nature Of Twin Flames

Written by Avery Woodbury

One of the most discussed but frequently misunderstood topics within spirituality is the Twin Flame experience. Twin Flames are souls from the same source, cut from the same fabric. Twins share the soul mission because they’ve been with you since the beginning of eternity. Those people who do find the Twin Flame resonance with someone else are often tossed in extremes of light and darkness as the soul tries to piece itself back together and ascend to it’s highest version. Many people search tirelessly for their twin, and never are able to find them. Misguided representations of the experience and the self-lack mentality keep many beginner spiritualists in the dark. The purpose of this article is to depict a realistic perception of the experience and provide ideas and tools to help navigate the intensity that comes with it.

Twin Flames is an aspect within our experience that is here to help with the ascension process. In order for it’s evolution, the drive for manifestation and change must reside within the soul. This shows in active change in the walking life. Are you actively working towards your goals? Are you on vibration with the activities that align with your being? Often the presentation of a twin or their actions can help stimulate the eternal purpose and memory of past life experiences. The twin, who is also the self, helps guide the soul to achieving their Great Work in this life.

Romantic stereotypes have represented the experience as one of bliss, eternal joy, and happiness found because of another person in a relationship. The most common and practical Twin Flame experience is with the part of the soul that is not in this plane. When souls are able to commune with spirit on astral or even higher realms the soul has a much more clearer sight of spiritual knowledge and source. The thinner the material world is between a soul connection and reconciliation the smoother the process.

When a Twin Flame manifests within the walking life it is so the soul can complete different tasks in separate vessels. When any form of energy is split it becomes weaker and so is true for the soul. Twins Flames often manifest in the form of children, parents, siblings, and sometimes close friends and romantic partners. The Twin is consistently present with the other, whether physically or energetically in the background. They are drawn together and pushed apart once to close because of the polarized magnetic nature of the relationship. The process of the calibration is the soul becoming whole, and a true physical manifestation into single soul in the next life is the completion.

However you are channeling your Twin Flame transmission you must trust the process when times seem bad. In order for they’re to be a stronger connection with the universe it must first be broken so it can be properly be put back together. The crafting of the soul needs both light and dark energy to grow, and cultivates on the fluctuations on those fine lines.