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The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) Tutorial

Written by Frater TP

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) is a topic of much controversy. Even what it  is used for is often either a confused list or a very incomplete one. Many times a total beginner will  perform versions with details that are of no actual use to them, such as the sign of the enterer and  sign of silence. In this two part article, I will do my best to present a more appropriate version for  the person who is completely new to ritual magic. 

First, I will cover the effects and uses of the rite, then I will give my version (which means the one  that I am suggesting here, not the one I currently use) and finally I may or may not give an  explanation of the symbolism. 

Uses and Effects 1. The LBRP specifically, serves many purposes and does many things. Upon successful  completion, the atmosphere in the room should feel "clean" as if the window has opened to let the  

breeze in. I personally felt this one day when I got the urge to close my eyes and wave my hands in  the atmosphere. I saw vivid blue streaks running across the blackness and felt a purified energy  around me. (For the invoking version, a density and heaviness is in the air, but one has more  energy.) 

  1. People are split like a Masonic chequerboard in regards to how it impacts one's emotions. Some  say, such as Donald Michael Craig, that if you go into it angry, you will come out more angry.  Others such as Damien Echols claim that if you repeat the ritual several times over and you will feel better. The latter method sounds like a psychological coping mechanism rather than magick. I don’t  see how anyone would manage to get the full impact of this ritual if they went into it in an  emotionally disturbed state. One must be in total concentration and this is simply not possible when  distracted by other energies.  
  2. The ritual is used before and after pretty much any magical operation, as both a psychological  gateway out and in of mundane consciousness and as a powerful cleansing of the space (banishment

of entities). It is so powerful at getting rid of entities that some people are pretty cautious of it's use  in the outside world in fear that it will send away the spirits that live inside objects all around us. I  am unclear as to the reason why anyone would do this outside of their ritual space (physically)  unless they were utilizing it as one of several tools to get rid of hauntings, so there is not any serious reason to be concerned about this, even if it is true. 

That moves me onto an unnumbered point since it’s not an effect or use of the LBRP, but  something I just want to point out as a hidden gem here in this article. It may not be obvious, even  to the Adept, that certain side effects of a ritual can be enhanced or eliminated simply by using  intention. The more advanced someone is, the more power an intention has. This means as I just  pointed out, that if we don’t want spirits that we are familiar with to be disturbed (so long as they do not disturb us) we can just say so and this will work. It also means that if we perform the rose cross  ritual which has a side-effect of detracting attention (due to changes in the aura) and we still want to be perfectly visible in terms of people noticing us in certain situations, we can set this intention.  This is simply done by putting conditions on the ritual. We are in full control of the effects of our  rituals, except arguably when it comes to god names, although even then we can activate these  powers within us. 

  1. The qabalistic cross, which is the beginning and end of the ritual, does by itself several things.  Firstly, it forms a connection to the Higher Self (also known as one’s daemon – guiding spirit) of the practitioner. This connection provides protection from undesirable entities. If you are wondering  how this can happen, consider firstly that the Higher Self has immense power to stop spiritual attack (it has great awareness and a connection to you), but consider also that any connection between you  and an entity is made via the subconscious mind, and by polarity can be severed through it. (This  includes the Higher Self and allows one to understand “soul stealing” from perhaps a different  perspective) 

Secondly, it seals the aura from outside influences. Again, this is a protection from outside  influences.  

Thirdly, it grounds and centers the practitioner, allowing excess and unwanted energies to be  absorbed into the Earth and transmuted. 

The pentagram and the rose cross have equivalent symbolism in many respects. Both represent the  elements in equilibrium with an exaltation of heart-centered consciousness.  

Further, and this is the last I can think of, it prepares the practitioner to be humble in front of the  Divine. A simple yet exceptionally powerful idea that, if grasped, provides protection from one's  own lower nature, which is self-serving and susceptible to qlipothic energies. 

  1. The circle and pentagrams protect from astral entities. If you didn't know, the ritual is happening  on multiple planes of existence. As above, so below. I have experienced an astral parasite directly  one time whilst performing the LBRP, and it was like, whilst invoking Archangel Gabriel in the  West , a giant serpent came rushing out of the darkness into the western pentagram and then  disappeared. It may well have been my own unconscious - that stuff does manifest on the astral - 

since I had recently been reading David Icke, and he is most famous for his Reptilians theory which  oversimplifies things and gives comparative religion a bad reputation. Not that Reptilians don’t  exist, but that Icke’s interpretation is slippery. (Note: If the walls are not aligned to compass points,  declare the closest one to East as such and act accordingly) 

There is also much symbolism involved with the circle. It is a miniature, or microcosmic, universe  of the Magician. As within so without. What happens in this miniature world surely makes "waves"  beyond this boundary.  

As mentioned earlier, we want to make the circle sunrise even in the "banishing" version. This  applies to LBRPs done after other parts of a complex sequence of rites, because the final LBRP is  still done to give protection from anything that is lingering in the afterglow. The only time we go  anti-clockwise in Western ceremonial magic is when we are circumambulating, and far from being a mere device to induce trance through the use of counting (also not a blind), we are in fact supposed  to actively imagine (with all senses) a vortex of energy (like a whirlpool or tornado) being created  (when circumambulating sunwise) or dissolved (anti-sunwise), which is charged by the sign of the  enterer, a gesture which is primarily to project light (lux) of an appropriate colour. This idea though, is seldom mentioned because again, the instructions that you usually see are massively incomplete.  

What you consider superstition is actually your incredulity. 

  1. The aura is strengthened/hardened, and expanded. One might gain charisma, presence,  confidence, perhaps a sense of almost bravado. People start to notice unconsciously that you are  changing but are unable to pin down what exactly it is in their mind. They might compliment you  on things such as your hair, which is totally the same, in order to account for these ineffably  differences. Alternatively, you may have people look at you funny, act strange around you, or be  irrationally callous. 

It is often claimed by Adepts that these are psychological projections of your own insecurities, real  or imagined. Simply claim them as your own and they shall cease. Once owned, certain things  which would normally rile you no longer get reactionary responses from you. 

  1. As a reminder, I am going over the effects of the banishing version. So a common thing is the  loss of relationships (all kinds) that no longer serve, and the same goes for jobs, hobbies, foodstuffs  and music etc. Due to this release of negative influences, you will form new ones. This occurs  naturally without needing to perform the invoking version. If you find that gain is not happening  some time after daily use of merely the LBRP, it is because you are not allowing something to be  lost so that something else may take its place. You will not transport yourself outside of the cyclical  nature of the universe by means of a banishing ritual, no matter how powerful it is, unless you  consciously resist (mental transmutation). But the act of ritual itself is not an act of conscious  resistance. The idea that the invoking version must be used to create new cycles is simply wrong  and shows a severe misunderstanding of Hermetic metaphysics. For example ‘The measure of the  swing to the left is the measure of the swing to the right; rhythm compensates’ (The Kybalion by  The Three Initiates, Yogebooks: Hollister. MO, p84, 1st ed.) That being said, the balance of  banishing and invoking is a long-tested and clearly working method to help this process and give  blessings as well as encouragement to the new things that come in. So, it is worth noting then that it  is a sacrifice in terms of material circumstances to only perform the LBRP, but in no way to the  point of poverty for the vast majority of people. In fact, some will gain riches from it due to the  release of energetic resistance that comes from the banishment of the elemental forces. 

I mention this idea because in some curriculums, people say to perform the LBRP in isolation, (of  the LIRP) and others say to do the invoking in the morning and banishing in the evening. Both of  these methods work for their respective curriculums. But each method requires afterwards a slightly different form of spiritual progression. It is self-deception to fail to admit a natural affinity to a skill  just as it is to assume falsely that one is more talented than they are. It was recommended in the  course which I originally used (Lyam Thomas Christopher - Kabbalah, magic and the Great Work  of self-transformation) that alternating between the two versions is not useful to the beginner. In this context, I would argue that beginner extends beyond the scope of this lifetime – one can already 

have certain understandings of occult matters and if this is the case, something like Bardon’s  Initiation Into Hermetics is more suited due to it’s flexibility and arcane instruction. 

Some books say that this ritual should be performed at different times of the day  with alternative forms of the pentagram, such as by tracing an invoking-earth form of  the pentagram in the morning and a banishing form in the evening. This may  sometimes be a useful exercise for the adept, but it would be useless for the begin ner. ‘ (Llewellyn, Woodbury Minnesota, page 26, 1st ed)  

  1. The Archangels are invoked into the sphere of sensation is why they should face towards the  Magician. The protection comes merely from the circle and pentagrams. Each Archangel has it's  qabalistic associations and therefore will provide its own blessings for the Magician. This is done  automatically upon the Archangelic invocations (which are requests until their energies are  activated within) and at the beginner stages, any petition for specific things to happen in the  external world is a total waste of time and energy. It also refutes the Hermetic law of  correspondence. The accumulation of energies inside the Magician by logic must effect the outside  world. This is another reason why the invoking form is unneeded to receive abundance in all forms.  I promise. Chaos brings possibility, as dark occultists well know.  
  2. The hexagram. Now in my tutorial the hexagram has a firey-red (in terms of both colour and  attribute) uppermost tip that is burning and a watery-blue lowermost point that is wavering. This  represents differing parts of the soul. (ibid.p27) The hexagram is a symbol of the macrochosm and  of Saturnian space-time frequencies. (this reality) There are 4 hexagrams to be placed upon the tree 

of life and this one has its apex at the throat, which is Da-ath, a non-sephira which means  Knowledge. According to Dion Fortune in her Mystical Qabalah, (Aleister) Crowley said that this is the apex of the pyramid-shaped Abyss (link to the highest qabalistic world) which has at its  foundation Kether, Chokmah and Binah. These 3 sepriroth are the Supernals. The middle of the  hexagram is over the heart-center which is associated with Tiphareth, meaning Beauty. 

How does the hexagram have an effect? This point appears perhaps like an explanation of  symbolism. It is an effect because if it didn’t do something, it wouldn’t be there in the ritual.  Shapes, colours, gestures etc. are all energy patterns and frequencies which cause certain  fluctuations in the ether. Over the course of magical training, you learn ultimately to be careful of  what you speak, wear and eat, how you act, who and what you let around you, etc. 

  1. In many ways throughout the LBRP, the Higher Self is being contacted and Spirit is being  invoked. This gives the Magician a glimpse into higher worlds and is one of the reasons for the  disconnection that happens in terms of relationships with people and things in the realm of the  material. Numerous insights are provided to the subconscious as well as coming from the  subconscious into the conscious mind. Those that are not realized by the conscious mind and have a profound impact upon the subconscious will manifest in the outer reality. Some of you therefore  should catch your insights. Others should just let the events unfold naturally. Most will  automatically catch those that they should decide upon. If you do the ritual correctly and have  enough self-awareness and faith, you will know which ones to act on and which ones are actually  self-sabotaging. 

Therefore, a quick note. If you are doing this ritual and you weren't sort of "guided" to it, you are in  dangerous territory. Follow the guidance that comes from your deepest sense of self. This applies to  any ritual. It is one thing to seek something out purely academically and another to come across a  book upon a spiritual journey. Exceptions to this example there are, but instances of it there are too.  (“All truths are half-truths, all paradoxes may be reconciled” – The Kybalion