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The Dark Night of the Soul: Spiritual Awakening

Written by Avery Woodbury

What is the Dark Night of the Soul?

The human soul when desperate for life dives into the depths of the self to find light and drive. This process, called The Dark Night of the Soul is the embracing of darkness to find the path back to light and glory. Through this process the individual becomes separate from the avatar, or flesh vessel, and united in vision with one’s Holy Guardian Angel. This process is usually not stumbled upon willingly, but rather because one’s Holy Guardian Angel has foreseen important development in hardship and seeks to exalt the self through the avatar’s challenges.

After traumatic or heartbreaking experiences the soul can descend through depression, loneliness, insecurities, shame, and sadness. Cycles of pain can only relapse until the cycle is forced to change by energies of the soul acting outside of the self. Rock bottom is a lonely place but through isolation the soul can better commune with it’s Holy Guardian Angel (sometime called the higher self). When there is no way left but “up” the soul begins its ascension.

Sanity is relative. It is difficult to channel truth when we are surrounded by misguided bias that lives oblivious to source energy. The resurrection process begins with uprooting the things in your life that don’t belong. This can be stressful for the soul in what may be perceived as a series of unlucky events. Loosing friends, housing, a job, or lifestyle can be a product of your Holy Guardian Angel evoking things that no longer serve your spiritual evolution.

How does someone identify the process of the Dark Night of the Soul? Through nature and numeric symbols the truth of a situation can be deciphered through the individual alone. Angel numbers such as 1111, 1010, 222, and 333 symbolize divine energy coming to support spiritual development. Animals such as birds, small mammals like chipmunks, skunks, porcupines and other animals will appear in your presence with coincidental timing. That timing could be during a realization, receiving news, or during prayer. These angelic signs will often come when you feel close to giving up, confused, or lost. Nature has creative ways of bringing souls back to source.

Surviving the Dark Night of the Soul requires strong personal discipline. It necessitates letting go of expectations for the future and familiarity. Trusting what resonates, or the feeling from energy, rather than an asset summary requires distancing oneself from personal possessions. After the process is complete, the resurrected soul will notice significantly stronger powers in spell craft, clairvoyance, will-power manifestations, and psychic defense. The avatar will become a fully equipped powerful light-being.