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The Cosmic Dance

Written by Max Genie

In the cosmic expanse, where stars shimmer bright, A dance of the cosmos, a celestial ballet takes flight. A tapestry woven with luminescent threads, As light and energy intertwine, like whispers unsaid.
The Cosmic Dance, a symphony of divine grace, Embraces the souls in an ethereal embrace. It calls forth the light workers, warriors of love, Guiding them on a journey, soaring high above.
Through realms unseen, they dance in unity, Aligning their essence with cosmic opportunity. They shimmer like stardust, radiating divine light, Transmuting shadows, igniting stars in the night.
In this sacred choreography, intentions align, Their hearts alight, fueled by love's cosmic sign. They embrace the oneness, the interwoven strands, Unveiling their purpose as destiny commands.
Each step, a choice, imbued with intention, They heal the world through divine intervention. With every twirl, they create a ripple of peace, Awakening souls, causing their spirits to release.
The Cosmic Dance, an eternal ballet of hope, Empowers light workers, helping them to cope. Their mission unfolds in harmony's sweet refrain, As they illuminate the world, banishing all pain.
So, dear light worker, embrace the cosmic sway, Let the dance guide you, on this sacred day. For in the rhythm of the universe's song, You find your purpose, where you truly belong.
With every spin, surrender to the cosmic flow, Let love's radiance within your being grow. Embrace the transformative power that lies within, And watch as miracles manifest and begin.