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Spiritual Alchemy and Energy Awareness

 Written by Avery Woodbury

The most powerful Magicians can transmute the mundane into magnificence and suffering into triumph. Alchemy is the process of transforming matter. The most common representation of alchemy is turning led to gold, and like everything in this universe it is possible.

 Particles, light waves, and sound all have something in spirituality called vibrations. Vibrations are generated energy frequencies from a source. The sound of an enchanted forest, the sight of the stars at night, the scent of the ocean air, and the touch of a lover are all examples of energy transfers through vibration. Vibrations come from two types of sources, inanimate objects and psychoactive beings.

 Inanimate objects are non-living. Energy can be transferred into them and radiate out. If a spell caster is powerful enough they can extend energy from the objects, but this drains the caster greatly because that energy needs to be taken from the source of the caster. As modern day science catches up with ancient teachings it is now proven that resonation, or the energy left over from an interaction exists and lingers with living and nonliving things.

 Psychoactive beings are consciousness embodied in flesh. Do to the nature of the soul it has a natural ability to generate chi energy from source. Humans, animals, plants, and bacteria are all carbon based psychoactive beings. Other worldly, or ethereal beings such as gods, angels, demons, ghosts, and fairies are all psychoactive as well. Though all energy flows from the same well, consider each psychoactive being a center of temperance for that energy: it finalizes what gets output into the universe. When energy is released it creates the experiences all life shares.

 Master Alchemists understand the flow of energy and the need to purify it to the quality of source. Doing so helps manifest health, wealth, and happiness. When opportunity comes one’s way do they nurture it? When it doesn’t, do they stress about it? When they win do they boast and brag? When they loose do they harm the self or others? Humans cannot control the hand the universe deals but can control their reactions.

In astrology the planets Mars and Saturn create conflict and challenges for life on Earth. The Alchemist takes obstacles and turns them into learning lessons and opportunities. They heal their wounds by embracing them. Worrying about things outside of your control blocks manifestations and spiritual growth. Without suffering you cannot achieve, so if suffering is avoided true happiness won’t come.

 Spiritual Alchemy starts with intent. The most powerful intent is to help all life, smaller and greater than you, to reconnect with source. Source brings purpose, fulfillment, and tranquility. Yes, someone can turn lead into to gold; but would they devote their life to it? Everyone wants nice things but often won’t want to work for them. If their intent is to get a nice car how matter what, the positive and negative vibrations that orchestrate that experience will play out in life. Their reaction to those events will either affirm their desire or cause doubt.

 If someone’s intent is to reconnect others with source, they’ll find that the universe will send abundance to supplement that journey; perhaps even the nice car that other person thought they wanted. If that is one’s true path, then it is important to reduce the risk of cognitive distortions in their life. That means respecting the time and place to do certain things to maximize on efficiency and results.

 Two systems an alchemist can use to help navigate decision making so that their thoughts stay consistent and in alignment with their purpose are the 5 Chinese Elements and the 12 Zodiac signs of either western or eastern astrology. With a basic understanding of astrology, we can make decisions at the right time. Should we be pouring energy into heavy projects during Aquarius or Pisces season in the winter? It would be better to wait for Aries energy in the spring. Is it wise to start new romantic relationships during metal season? Metal is for cutting things away we don’t need, so emotional relationships can be a primary focus in water season instead.

 Alchemy is one of the most powerful magical arts. If done with the right intent the Crafter will find strength and prosperity in their futures. For Beginning alchemists, pay attention to the season you are in right now. Focus on channeling the right actions for the current energies.