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Spiritual Adventures and the Path

Written by Joshua Adams

Have you ever considered a pilgrimage, a great journey of the witch? The left hand path is one of active learning built upon practice of the great craft. For those who love to travel near home or abroad a personal sojourn for spiritual growth is something more witches, pagans and practitioners of the esoteric arts should consider. Ritual work, meditation, chanting and spell craft are rich areas of practice for focusing one’s own force of sentience and raising the consciousness. Travel of this sort is profitable for the soul whether to parts of one’s own region, country or around the globe. 

The transformative benefits from bringing together all these elements to produce for the aspiring or practiced occultist a shamanic ‘journey to Ixaltan’ of tremendous value. 

When considering the where and the when of a spiritual pilgrimage, for bringing together in knowledge the key elements for accessing potent energetic healing and change. Our brethren need only look to the quickening that is taking place in world as a guide. There is currently a great melding of esoteric knowledge and traditions taking place on the Earth. The metaphysical arts are growing across geographic and language barriers, beyond cultural differences and religious oppression that has for too long been a hindrance to the evolution of Man. Secrets are being revealed in illumination and revelation. Even now it has become common practice for healers, teachers of the craft, practitioners of divination, and authors of the metaphysical arts to speak in terms of energy and energy work. There is a greater ontological schema being recognized throughout the world, one need only will look towards the east and there long history of spiritual and metaphysical wisdom.

The planets, the cycles of the sun, and all the forces of the solar system exerted upon us here within the World Dream is a profound understanding. Who we are, the way we are, a product of this system of divine origin; and working as potter’s wheel shaping the energies and forces of creation. Practitioners honor the principle elements, Fire, Air, Earth, and Water. Incarnating here in this system, into the Mold of Man a phenomenal physical reality the dominating element here is water. By mystical traditions in many parts of the world the spiritual nature of water is honored. Stored in specific ways, in copper containers or a special blend of metals for storing water in both the home and the temple. Candles lit to burn throughout the night next to the water with fresh flowers laid upon the container where the water harmonizes to the most beneficial frequencies for the greatest physiological benefit this life giving element may offer those who will drink of it. The intimate relationship biological life has with water, from our own bodies being composed of seventy two percent water, to 

water are known to man since ancient times. Where there is a confluence of rivers, places where there is a great churning of waters together the space itself becomes a sacred location. It is studied among the sciences that water reacts differently to different people and to consciousness itself. That water not only reacts to it’s surroundings in very profound ways but has in it’s essence what scientists refer to as memory. By it’s nature it can be said water responds largely to one’s karmic substance, the fundamental reverb an incarnate being possesses and resonates at any given time. Water has in this regard been seen by various cultures around the world to be active participant in the creation and the sustaining of life. 

In Sanskrit water is called, Jala, Neer, and Achamaniyam, and in the angelic language the term is Tuv. The dimension of water, the way water structures itself, and how this can change so rapidly. To the mystics of eastern philosophy and among some of the very spiritual native American tribes of North America this most sacred element in it’s reaction to us has very deep meaning.  This active role water has in our lives offers the spiritual among us, our occult brethren, a focus for such a pilgrimage that is a journey of the witch. The world is entering into a period of change on many levels, economic, cultural, geopolitical and certainly energetic, metaphysical and spiritual as well. It would be unsurprising if trips such as these become all the more common as an awakening across the world is seemingly taking place. 

If five people go to the river, this intelligent liquid reacts and responds differently to each of the people. And what of the cycles of our world and our reality? The moon, our planetary powers, the sun and the rain and life and death. The witch is wise to seek out convergences, that of great cycles and the locations saturated in elemental energy. This interaction on the energetic level which we have with Jala, with Tuv is one of awesome potential. One in which deleterious and disharmonious energies of our energy body totality may be ‘unwound’ and adjusted. There are places phenomena can be found that benefits us in producing transformation in ourselves compelling us beyond our current levels of existence. It is the work of the witch, the active seeker to learn of the elements, forces, energies, cycles, evolutionary memory, genetic memory and the karmic layers, all of which are the ingredients part in parcel of this manifest reality and our temporary avatar form. The convergence of river currents make for a churning of the element. Two separate currents of the sacred element uniting and effecting the very ether, creating something akin to an energetic vacuum wherein the human avatar totality can raise, on the whole the pressure resonance of awareness. Raising the density of consciousness which accounts for the restorative and healing effects that have been more than proven.  For those who spend above average periods in proximity to such vortexes are known to experience increased perception as well. 

“If you learn to use the tools of body, mind, emotions, and energy by choice, you will naturally become a very impactful human being”  -Sadhguru 

So we have a concept for planning and embarking on adventure travel whether solo or with friends and colleagues to places in your home region or on the far side of the planet. Locations which offer the prerequisite conditions and elements that you can add your own spiritual practices and focus to activate change in yourself. Astrological timing, convergence of the elemental flow, and the addition of meditation, chant, and ritual are the means for both understanding and making the most significant gains from such energetic locations. Through ages of observation one these locations has been identified as a powerful vortexes where the Yamana and Ganga rivers come together. This is in the Haridwar province of India, in Prayagraj. It is the place where the Kumbh Mela is held every six years, with a great Kumbh Mela occurring every other Kumbh, or every twelve years. (It is important to point out that this example may be out of reach or consideration for many people, however it is a well known event and location that illustrates the metaphysical significance of the element, water, and the benefits available to the seeker or occultist at certain times according to astrological alignments, etc) These locations of great energetic vortexes are on every continent, they are available to anyone willing to gather together the means and, if up to the task of living even on a budget are able to spend a period of time allowing the confluence of place and astrological alignment and their own occult ritual practice to impact them on a fundamental level. 

For the members of our community, our occult family, for anyone truly seeking to find and manifest a greater version of themselves it is important to remember time keeps rolling on, and it stops for no one; therefore the only thing we can really manage is our energy. The energies of our incarnate being can benefit enormously by incorporating the witches sojourn, a physical journey to locations of great power and energetic intensity. So check with your travel agent, begin putting aside any extra money for a road trip or an economy flight to a place where you might stay on the cheap in a hostel or budget cottage and take the time in this life to perform a great magical working, a bit of spiritual adventure travel in that of a witches sojourn.