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Sacred Sound Technology

Written by Joshua Adams

Whether for meditative enhancement, healing, or purposeful divination and channeling, the science of sound, its influences and affects upon our body totality is a fascinating area of study. Of the the occult sciences the use of sound or sonic manipulation is a vast and very old subject.

Large enough worth the devotion of a series of articles however, we could at least highlight a few points on the matter here in this blog post.

"Man" means mind. "Tra" means to tune the vibration. Mantra is a sound current which tunes and controls mental vibration. Activating through resonance within one’s being via the part sound plays in the physical constitution. According to the most sacred traditions, God created the world through sound. Energy vibrates. Everything in the manifest creation is vibrating and with something akin to sonic keys, unlocking a transformative process intensely activating, strengthening, and cultivating the mind.

The part sound plays in the spiritual evolution of man can be incorporated in a practitioner’s workings, their inner alchemy and energetic development and expansion of awareness.

A classic mantra is the ancient Hebraic/Aramaic “Yod Hey Vod Hey” mantra. Which has over the recent couple of years been combined with the Luciferian current by affixing it to a preeminent angelic name of Lucifer in the Enochian tongue:

“Yod Hey Vod Hey Sev To Sa Ze” enunciated as: “Yoad Hey Vahd Hey Save Tow Sah Zey”

Promoting stability, healing, and focus of purpose, or one upon their higher calling.

One of my personal favorites when it comes to sound alchemy beside the chant or mantra methods are the binaural sounds available online. The Binaural sounds are typically defined as: “two tones of slightly different frequencies are played in separate ears simultaneously (usually through headphones), the human brain perceives the creation of a new, third tone”

The resultant tone or tone frequency is equivalent to the difference between the two tones being played. To the machine mind the resultant auditory illusion is called a binaural. An example would be a tone of 404 Hz in one ear and a tone of 412 Hz in the other, they would be hearing a binaural beat of a 8 Hz frequency.

For those who enjoy and regularly utilize binaural beats many of the same benefits as meditation can be achieved. As well as increased focus, lowering of stress, a relaxation aide, and for fostering creativity.

There are ranges that the binaural tones are often categorized by, such as 4Hz and 7Hz for example, are more likely to align with theta brain waves, promoting sleep and relaxation. This is related to a process called entrainment, in which brain waves align themselves to an outside beat or frequency

I have found particular trance songs online that through trial and experimentation induce a channeling alignment with my inner soul and mind. The trap nation channel on YouTube has songs by the group Far Out and their upbeat song ‘New Beginning’ is a very effective melodic piece that opens up my clairvoyant and channeling abilities.

The use of certain uplifting and pleasant tones and harmony/melody combinations has opened up the aspect of my own being that equates to channeling, offering my writing, artistry and creativity a correspondence with spirit that is upon inspection self evident.

Aligning with one’s true self and expressing that true self into into physical life is exhilarating. It is a sensation of tapping into one’s true essence and funneling that essence into a piece of work or activity. Many have done so, actors, musicians, writers, and other artists, inventors, scientists and even spiritual teachers or gurus.

The most simple description of channeling would be to shine you light when you are doing what you love the most. The use of sounds such as mantras, chanting and music has undoubtedly a beautiful and practical role to play in inducing this phenomenon.

Like tuning your soul and mind and body into a cosmic switchboard the process attunes certain chakra, and aspects of awareness to colors, sounds and flow that originate from Source itself. Various trance states are conducive for activating these facets of awareness.

Whether a light, moderate, or deep trance state, the channeling of one’s inner light, or essence can be aided by the tones and sounds of certain frequencies and combinations. Each person will resonate more so with some than of others and it is necessary for each individual to explore their own being and try out a broad variety of mantra’s and chants, binaural beat melodies, and various trance inducing music styles. To find the one’s that effect them most positively and efficiently.

The study of tones with tools such as ritual singing bowls, bells, chimes and gongs, all the way to uplifting trance harmonies and melodies are connecting the ancient knowledge of sacred sound to this modern era. For meditative enhancement, to creative channeling from Source, Spirit, the One of the All, for healing, and even attuning to frequency energies in channeled sigil magic or summoning evocation, invocation, Sacred sound is unto itself one of the great ways of sorcery within creation.