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Sacred Circle: Heritage of the Witch

“What is the pattern or the meaning or the why? It does not do harm to the mystery to know a little more about it.”

Richard Feynman


Written by Joshua Adams

The expansive occult writings are in sum an ever evolving mechanism which has shaped both magical concepts and community. Well known titles covering everything from alchemical, astrological, and demonological insights and information have given rise to quantum chaos sorceries. So many grimoires, so many historical texts on the magick of the past, and now the coalescence of the modern practices of ritual, of sigil, of mind and intent we find the new books of craft and sorceries.

Evolution of the Goetia, magic circles, and necromancy, along with treatise on the various roles of demons, angels; combined with works describing magic theodicy, the crafting of talismans and amulets, seals of the planets, and obscure names of God are not only resources for the modern witch, but that of our heritage The crafts of Magic Science follows the lineages of both the low man and the high man, as the place magick and the community of the craft has since time immemorial been a meeting of minds, and the conjuring of community that transcends position, status, reputation, and rank within society. The Father, the Mother, the Maiden, the Crone, the Warrior, the Smith, and the Stranger. Seven placements, whether obscure or prominent around which a society is built upon. In the ritual circle One, status laid down beyond the threshold, the sacred communion for inculcation no respect of persons. Reflecting the attribute of the divine Source, the Godhead of our Creation which is both Creator and never a respecter of persons.

As above, so below, meaning of course the Macro reflected yet in the Micro, the Creation reflecting the divine abode from which everything proceeds. The Magick Circle being representative of a surrounding sphere, the same shape as the divine place that is the One Source, the place of the Dweller. This attribute within the ritual, during the coming together of members from all walks and positions of standing within the kingdom, is a reflection of our origins among the Holy Flame. A place where names are numbers, impersonal ranking based upon energy and the relative comparative measurements of the supernal forces. The One Source of ALL magick does not recognize identity, or respect the judgment of others upon them. Neither do we as witches when we gather ourselves to conjure. Practicing the crafts of magick Science, handed down, evolving, working ourselves and within the greater occult community to find our power, to learn and practice the Ways. Having the spectre of prominence of position or lack thereof shed at the threshold, witches come together, body relaxed, mind in focus, and spirit at ease for the working of craft esoterica. The connection with spirit and source stimulated the wisdom guiding the intent of the gathered, unbending to shape the outcome of events within the cosmic creation that is the World Dream. That said, there is a living modeling of the greater sovereign in that of an Earthly Witch King or Witch Queen. This is a reflection of the energetic hierarchy of the divine establishment within the physical plane. The legendary King Thoth is by right the First in our own legacy of the witch. A Warrior, a Smith, often a stranger in strange lands, and always cavorting with Maidens and Crones beyond their Hermetic workings across the kingdom and inside the ritual circle.

This evolutionary line of magick has involved each of the seven characters, founding masters, and teachers of the secret knowledge. To know of our heritage is to understand the knowledge passed down, coalesced into the modern Sorcery of our day is to know that contributions from all seven characters played part. Just as the Father, the Mother, the Crone, the Smith and the Stranger, the Warrior and the Maiden come together now, an Ancient Community, reincarnating again and again to continue the Great Work unto the Divine Inculcation. Let us take heart in our long lineage, let us be the Grand Witches of our destiny. So Mote it Be… So Mote it be…

So Me It Be