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Our Very Own Enemy, Self Importance

Written by Joshua Adams

Power rests in the kind of knowledge one has, what is the sense of knowing things that are useless.

We are not concerned with a dubious definition of self-importance that average people keep in their dictionaries as those belong to average men and women of their average world, for us this is useless and will not suffice. The self-importance we are concerned with requires the devastation wrought by the acceptance and the cure of the ancient sorcerers definition. Because power rests in the kind of knowledge one has the sorcerer’s definition contains a transcendent knowledge possessing such quality it includes both explanation of and the prescription for dealing with the self-importance within one’s own being, and only it will suffice.

Ancient seers through their manipulation of awareness had arrived at energetic facts pertaining to self-importance. Understanding obtained via a direct knowing they would eventually be capable of explaining to themselves making knowledge they could pass down through their lineages. 

The first of their revealed knowledge asserts that self-importance must be understood to be a force, a force generated by one’s own self-image, and it is directly involved with every aspect of our temporary identity. 

Another secret revealed to them was that self-pity is the real enemy and the source of man's misery. The power of the ancient sorcerers had unmasked self-importance and the old sorcerers saw that it is self-pity masquerading as something else. 

The establishment of our self-image begins at birth and enlarges as our selfness solidifies identification in relentless rigidity the idea of our self  creating a self-image.

The self-image generates a force exerted on the awareness across the mirror of self-reflection. Our awareness relinquishes energy through the attention back across the mirror of self-reflection due to the force generated by our self-image.

We are awareness relinquishing energy from taking so seriously the idea we have identified with, our self-image generates the force we call self-importance which is exerted on our awareness siphoning energy through our attention across the mirror of self-reflection, this process they termed the “here and here” 

When the principle of “here and here” and all it entails, including the machine mind where the tyranny of words and inventories resides, the emergence of our idea of self and selfness solidifies our rigid identity a term to encapsulate the whole process they eventually began calling the Foreign Installation.

Where attention goes energy flows, this is another energetic fact. The ancient sorcerers revealed knowledge that asserts that we should use the knowledge of death as an advisor.

Utilizing one’s death as a personal advisor is one of these is very effective as average men and women although cognizant in an intellectual capacity of death and dying it is not implemented in the way the seers explained, for them it was a invaluable tool, utilized without morbidity by essentially leveraging the  inevitable appointment death.

The force that is self-importance acts upon us fiercely and is a most treacherous obstacle to overcome, the depths of its entrenchment into our being is due to conditioning and ritual, because anything you do everyday is a ritual becomes a thing that the sorcerers explained had such deceptive abilities, it truly stupefies intelligence in its efforts to prevent activation of cognition or any disciplined control of one’s attention away from its prominence and dominion. Without the heavy focus on our self-image we lose our self-compassion, and with it our self-importance. 

Curtailing vital energy you are relinquishing to self-importance, vital energy for years you had been wasting is accumulated instead. This accumulation of unseen energy builds to an amount where knowing begins to occur in an innate and expanded capacity, knowing that comes irrespective of your mind’s conceptual ideas, philosophies, imaginings, or beliefs. A direct knowing for the awareness whose presence and appearance to the practitioner achieved regardless of fanciful theories or complex descriptions that had always been so treasured and important to us. 

You must make a great effort to restrict our involvement with our self-image in order for self-importance to be overthrown, this can only be done via deliberate action. Advice for any apprentice included things such as telling them that they must let their “No” mean no and employ it without reservation when it is required, and similarly let their “Yes” mean yes and employ it knowing full well that spoken agreements will be fulfilled in full even to die in the effort. Vowing their life to stand by their decisions.

The machine mind and its inventories grew along with the relentless identification with the self, unwittingly, simultaneously energy of awareness is relinquished across the mirror of self-reflection through the attention excessively fixated on our self-image that generates a force we call self-importance which is really self-pity in disguise. Energy retained does not cross the mirror of self-reflection, which is a change form the normal relinquishing of energy through attention, self-importance the force that had normally relentlessly been exerting back upon your being, back upon the burning flame that is the ever living soul light energy body within the avatar, but you managed to curtail again and again the relinquishing of your vital energy.

Our relinquish of energy through our attention is due to the force generated by our self-image, a force exerted on our awareness as self-importance and self-pity as secretly those two are one, siphons energy back across the mirror of self-reflection.

Energy accumulated from the curtailment of self-importance, this increased energy simply by accumulating to a sufficient amount clears the connecting link to Spirit, the Intent, the Abstract occurring simultaneously attention moves away from the mirror of self-reflection.

When we are left with the idea of death to deny our awareness the knowing of no self. Know that this the Foreign Installation conditioning of the average man or woman’s relationship to death, not the effective technique of ‘Death as an Advisor’ 

Deny energy to the force that is our self-importance and awareness knowing death defy the relinquish of energy through attention. The idea of death is the machine mind’s mental comprehension of the inevitable end, which is altogether different than awareness having the knowing of no self.

The force exerted on the awareness’s attention compels energy to move, to flow forth across the mirror, however, if we hunt our self-importance, which is also self-pity we can seize the opportunity and upon the instance of its appearance like a hunter stalking its nemesis, deny the ‘here and here’ process. The reward from curtailing the relinquish of energy to self-importance despite its pressure, each time it makes appearance in your daily experiences, if you can do this over and over, is tremendous, the reward is transformation due to the accumulation of the energy that normally would have flowed out across the mirror of self-reflection.

Actively aware with vibrant alertness hunting any appearance of self-importance, again, and again, and again. Remember self-importance is to understood as a force generated by man's self-image. You must keep hunting for every appearance of self-pity and self-importance is carried out, in active awareness where you remain unceasingly vigilant. Time passes and your days are vigilant and beneficial, throughout those dogged days of determination none of the energy that the average man or woman, that you had previously been conditioned to be, would begin changing due to the energy saving.

Apprentices were warned that self-importance has its own guile even as a force, it will retreat in order to convince each person that it is gone, that they have reached their goal, purposely doing this only to return with a quickness that catches you off-guard.

Apprentices were taught that the average man and woman’s compassion is a sympathetic pity and concern for misfortunes of others as victims, and the sorcerers explained that this was simply the self-importance yet again in people, whereas sorcerers having wisdom and knowledge involved with their task of seeking high quality energy exchange with their surroundings and the self-importance siphoning of energy is not something they allow, so nothing they do, even if it appears compassionate is not as self-importance is never involved in their actions. Sorcerers having defeated self-pitying self-importance have no compassion not even for themselves, and therefore they are not a victim anymore and never can be ever again. 

Energy saving in a sustained transformative state of ruthless sobriety, the sole purpose for your energy saving. The energy accumulates, and accumulates, and accumulates until a tipping point. The saved energy reaches a measurement sufficient enough to finally tip the scale.

With this threshold surpassed your mirror of self-reflection shatters, and it is the shattering of the mirror of self-reflection that marks the human form becoming lost, and the losing of your human form is a momentously splendid beginning. It is the true start of a sorcerers apprenticeship. The reason it is the true start of a sorcerers apprenticeship is this, your debilitating draining of vital energy must be dealt with before any of the related practices involved in the path of knowledge can produce results, therefore it is required to before you may even begin a true apprenticeship of sorcery.

In vibrant alertness you patiently wait for signs of self-importance to appear. In a true apprenticeship of sorcery knowledge each person must transform themselves daily, restraining themselves with the most excruciating effort. 

Even the compulsion to be nice, the incessant drive to not offend other people is entirely due to self-importance. Why waste your energy on such useless things such as what will other people think of me?

The sophistication of self-importance is always underestimated, it will seemingly recede away when the one begins this most important transformation, only to lurk in waiting for attention to excessively fixate on the idea of self, our self image, then the siphoning of our vital energy resumes to destroy us.

Many people have to be enticed into it or even tricked because of the amount of work involved is daunting, and the task of subduing self-importance must be achieved before any of the other work along the warrior’s path can be progressed upon at all. 

These techniques and practices are not considered sorcery, as the definition of sorcery inevitably changes as ones knowledge increases. It is a complete system developed for the total struggle against that individual self that has deprived man of his power. 

With very few individuals ever circumventing the dominion of this force  that is understood as self-importance in our lives, is testament to the difficulty in implementing the curtailing of the siphoning off of our vital energy.

The ancient sorcerers knew that once the force of self-importance is engaged, it develops its own momentum, which has a fortunate flip side, once enough energy is retained to flip the scale, the connecting link to Spirit is cleansed, and in this same dramatic dynamic point of transformation the mirror of self-reflection is shattered meaning you have managed to change, and with ruthless sobriety have flipped the scale in your favor of managing the relinquishing of your vital energy. 

We must relentlessly push ourselves to succeed in this quintessential extraction of this most daunting and debilitating aspect of our incarnate identity. Dealing with self-importance is without question the single greatest stumbling block for those who are to access knowledge of the ancient seers, it can be considered the single factor that either makes or breaks an initiate to the greater teachings. 

The teachings include a sequence, this begins with being aware that self-importance is the force which keeps us pinned to our self-reflection. Regular engagement of our attention  in a state of inner silence, done over and over begins an accumulation of energy that would ordinarily be depleted, this begins to curtail the energy syphoned off by our self-importance. Once self-importance is curtailed, the energy it requires is no longer expended. The difficulty is that our mirror of self-reflection is extremely powerful and only lets us, its victims go after a ferocious struggle.

The sorcerers and seers shared teachings designed to rectify the untenable condition of self-importance, its domineering and problematic nature. Their creation of techniques and practices were guided by Spirit, crafted through great effort over lineages of their sorcery descendants tools for reducing and removing encumbrances of energy to propagate a current or flow that cleanses the connecting link with Spirit. Enhancing their energetic correspondence with Source to facilitate invaluable and hard won progress along the warrior's path of knowledge. There is a carefully crafted grouping of practices that require from each individual the most tremendous focus and dedication to perform. 

It is the same for everyone who attempts this encounters a seemingly insurmountable quandary. Requiring the upmost sobriety to embrace the harsh truth of a person’s situation regarding their self importance looms before an initiate. Any initiate will without fail underestimate the diabolical nature of self importance, they inevitably realize this by verifying it by observation and rumination in their own real life situations. self importance as the greater portion of the Foreign Installation is responsible for the capacity in Man to take offense by the deeds and misdeeds of our fellow men. There are people who are after many, many years still holding on to something that someone did or failed to do to them or for them. What a waste of energy, yet for those people they exist for their entire lives oblivious to such understanding. This battle to dethrone self-importance is no less than the total struggle against that individual self that has deprived man of his power. Ruthlessness is a state of sobriety and is opposite from self-pity and self-importance. For those on the path of knowledge this state of awareness is the most basic premise to be adopted in the struggle against self-importance.

My temporary being perceiving the active infinity with my continually expanding totality of my avatar energy body. Thresholds surpassed and new thresholds arrived at in one direction, propelled by the self discipline of implementing the techniques required along the warriors path impeccably. 

Erasing personal history and intuitive dispersion of routines, working in combination with the subjugation of self-importance to facilitate management, conservation, and retrieval of indispensable energy necessary to traverse these long cycle practices for 

the manipulation of awareness. Without the dedicated daily implementation of practices in one’s life all of the intellectual concepts and complex inventories of syntax describing esoteric categories and their theoretical metaphysical underpinnings the individual awareness of your being will never have authentic knowing. 

When one has succeeded in ridding themselves of the force that is self-importance, which is self-pity then they have eliminated the bride of self-importance as well, and the bride of self-importance is called ‘the victim’ then they reside in a position of awareness termed ‘the place of no pity’ which has tremendous advantages over that of the average man or woman’s. Beware, also alert to the fact that you are surrounded by a world full of victims. When you stop behaving like a victim in a world full of victims who expect you to behave like they do one must understand how their actions can turn into a viciousness if or when they ever take notice. 

Accumulate Inner Silence to stabilize yourself for the appearance of self-importance, to cultivate inner silence is becomes integral to the life of a sorcerer and very important for any who are working to rid themselves of self-importance, the force that is generated by one’s self-image impacts a person intensely depending on their conditioning and their degrees of indulgence and Inner Silence accumulated works a buffer in order for the student to release expectations and deny the energy transfer.