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Magickal Mystery Schools

Written by Joshua Adams

Do you study the occult seeking ways to manifest improvements in your life and become a powerful practitioner of the craft? Whether divination, ritual circle magick, chanting, moving the energy around you and through you, Mystery Schools from various backgrounds will beckon to you.

The working of energy and consciousness is a core aspect within a true mystery school. Through a collective consciousness, guided with intent to reconvene the ancient community of souls, reincarnated. Because the universe is expressing and experiencing itself through you. According to the Law of One, other individuals are you and sharing the forces of divine emanations as energy between ourselves offers such an opportunity to conjure greatly. A 3D mystery school actively supports and promotes knowledge in understanding of the crafts of the witch. The covenic concentration  of the Will To Desire. The art of magic practiced where the Tonal, the Dramatic Persona is relegated and balanced for the purpose of handling intent. The invocation and evocation of forces of sentience condensed as energy into phenomenal material ‘reality.'. Techniques involved are predominantly designed to shift the consciousness from out of it's bewitchment, out of it's lens of perceptual rigidity. 

All the while intrinsically the universe of this mono-reality, the “One Song” has no design of its own except that which is individually and collectively applied to it through our force of sentience, and the shared incarnate sentience formations during it’s perpetual manifestation.. The living energy that comprises the soul combines with other of our own forces that form and shape together with one another. Like a coin that has two sides, you cannot separate them as then you would have no coin. 

To take this experience of a current incarnation seriously is to rigidly identify with the avatar expression of the soul, a mind body and spirit complex. The form comes through that which combines with comprise for the soul. It is a deep design which at its heart contains the deepest expression of sacred geometry and the fire of the One Source. Did you know that answers to all questions are answered from the One Truth, the supernal wisdom, silent, secret, and experienced directly. The Dramatic Persona must be seen as controlled folly and this life taken less seriously. 

There is the Hermit card, which can represent that introspective isolation and a necessary wayside along the path but it is good to remember the most powerful of sorcerers were a part of a community, often several, and pumped their own gas. The meditative process helps move the persona aside and reduce that ‘self and other’ grasp in the rigidity of perception. The search for ‘self’ is the search and the reaching out for the One Source of which we are all an expression of. 

The letting go, the awakening and remembering is a manipulation of Will, a facet or description of the living blend of sentient energetic densities as ingredients of the soul.

A true mystery school does not ordain like the church does with the priest. A true mystery is comprised of those who have as needed went off alone, out in the world, to grasp who you were before your avatar was conceived by father and mother. To go off alone, to silence one’s mouth and mind to remember you need not fear death as ‘that you are’ therefore you need not fear the ending of the temporary incarnation that is the dramatic persona. The perceptions of living energy, those that are part of a true mystery school are ordained in their own achievement of liberation from their avatar’s rigid identity. Spirit ordains individually, much like the shamanic traditions hold. 

A true mystery school shares among itself knowledge derived from out of wisdom, and understanding that parallels with each other's remembrance of the One Truth. Distorted from each other slightly as with we are incarnate insertions shaped by energetic constructs of densities and frequencies forming sacred geometric zodiacal prisms through which the ingredients of our soul are expressed onto a mind, body, spirit complex form avatar. This myriad is the basis for the houses and reflected astrologically in what are perceived in this phenomenal material reality as ‘stars’ of outer space. 

The practice of magickal arts is conveyed in words and connected and shared energy. Ultimately being just versions of the same process as the cosmos is manifested to each together. Enchantment in collective awakening, in shared remembrance of our true selves, reconnecting with the divine emanations. The true remembering of the self along with growth in the practice of crafts. 

Wouldn’t the greatest community of witches have as their goal the ultimate working of sorcery with this perpetual genesis called Creation? I certainly believe it will. But what without each separate individual force of sentient focus and involvement for the advancement and expansion of their own awareness? As well as the enchanted collective community of a pure and true school of magickal arts. Awaken in remembrance, obtain power that’s yours.