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Manifestation Essentials

Written by Avery Woodbury

The art of manifestation is the ability to bring a desired outcome to life. Human beings are energetic life forces manifested into flesh; the basis of our existence is a manifestation to work in the material plane. Our powers don’t stop there though. Our minds serve as broadcast towers that connect into the frequencies of other forces at play in our universe. To put it simply, our thoughts are not limited to the confines of our heads. What we put out into the universe with our thoughts we receive back, the good and the bad. The purpose of this guide is to teach the reader how to effectively use their thoughts and actions to signal desires to the universe and have them manifest into the material plane.

 Manifestations require patience. The universe does not follow the human construct of time, and doesn’t give accordingly. Some manifestations happen immediately, some take years. The universe needs to re-calibrate and account the input of other energetic beings when processing a “new draft” for the future timelines, or destinies. Depending on how much one's manifestation affects the present timeline, the more challenges opposing your request will emerge.

 Keep in mind the universe keeps score. This means it is recording what people give and take from others. Consider the universe a bank offering a loan: how is your credit? Have you contributed to the system? Have you misused or neglected opportunities? There are times in life where people face hardships and challenges; this is true for all of humanity. The universe requires energy from individuals from time to time, but always pays back more than what was borrowed. If, however, a person acts out harshly because of a streak of bad luck or misfortune, the universe records that and removes funds from the balance heading to that persons account. Taking ups and downs with dignity, will have a strong repute with the universe. React poorly and the universe will not be so generous.

 Positive psychology is key. The universe appreciates thanks, gratitude, and optimism. Simply waking up saying “It is a beautiful day” puts a good foot forward. Surroundings are a reflection of your internal processing. The universe honors the altruistic soul and will prioritize assisting those who create a chain reaction of change for their communities.

When receiving insight show gratefulness through working towards that revelation. If no action is taken within 48 hours that signifies to the universe lack of appreciation and the magic fades. The universe treats these as transactions and blessings used. Sometimes this process helps decide if a path truly is within alignment of the individual’s path.

 Obstacles will be thrown. The planet of Saturn’s place in astrology is a valuable one. There will be monumental moments in life that test strength and courage. These are here to challenge the will of the individual. If the opposition is to great for the opportunity, then the manifestation wasn’t truly for them.

Take care of physical health. When a machine is at full strength it works wonders. When the alignments, quality, and maintenance are neglected, it’s difficult to pick up and send signals. Eating plant-based food is a quick way to raise one’s vibration and develop a stronger psychic relationship with the universe. The nutrients sustain the organs which is most essential, and plant based foods have a much lower karmic consequence (the lower consequence being the labor associated with bringing it the food market, compared to trauma and torture inflicted on animals) than animal products. Physical activity that activates all muscle groups such as dance, yoga, martial arts, hiking, and others promote overall organ health.

Consume quality with all of senses. What a person listens to sees, feels, and smells contributes to DNA development. People attract what they are. Vibration is developed through routines, and therefor brings together tribes. Read, listen, and watch consciously. Programming begins with different mediums of communication, so tune in to a desired lifestyle.

 Spend time in nature. The original machine speaks all truths and reveals the secrets to life. Being barefoot helps people root into the Earth and have a stronger connection with it. Studying seasonal processes in a single location in nature overtime will reveal wonders to the soul and make the individual more in tune with the flow of energy in the universe.

 Following these essential manifestation principles will help develop the craft in the aspiring energy worker. For more information, check out this video on things that obstruct the manifestation process.