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Lesser Ritual Of The Pentagram (LRP)

Written by Joshua Adams

The magical arts are structured to transform the auric field of the avatar energies and offer the practitioner profitable development in awareness and abilities to move energies about them. When understood and applied the LRP or Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram can be one of the more transforming rituals anyone can perform. This is true for both the neophyte and the experienced occultist. The effects on the person include changes in energy body frequencies and spiritual awakening. 

The LRP has for many years since it’s proliferation throughout the practitioner communities been known as the ‘Master of metals and the wisdom of stone.’ The well respected Order of the Golden Dawn is credited with it’s modern day format and is without a doubt the most practiced ritual of it’s members and those who study similar occult and esoteric ritual practices such as pagans and other magical groups. 

The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram is comprised to two portions or ‘forms’ - the first is the Lesser Invoking Ritual and the Lesser Banishing Ritual. The Lesser Invoking Ritual forms a protective shield around the energy body but allows positive and beneficial energetic resonances to harmonize with the auric field and the totality of the avatar energy body. This activates the connecting link to Intent, i.e. Spirit, and opens access to the higher and divine God Force that is Source. This ritual is traditionally performed in the morning after waking and after one has completed their morning meditation. The second portion or ‘form’ is the more popular and well known ritual known as the Lesser Banishing Ritual. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram forms a protection against negative energies which surround each incarnate avatar within the World Dream of this mono-reality matrix. These negative energies are often accumulated throughout the day around the esoteric ‘astral’ plane and etheric energy body totality. This second ‘form’ Lesser Banishing is performed at night after evening meditation. The Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram results in a feeling of personal consecration and a powerful sacred blessing sensation. The late evening (the traditional time frame of morning and evening ritual can be a slight issue for the night owls or if one were to work a 3rd shift job for example, more on this further in the article) Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram gives the sensation of cleansing and purification for both the person and their own personal environment. 

The Golden Dawn particularly taught their neophytes (beginners) to perform solely the second ‘form’ the Lesser Banishing Ritual for one full month in order to practice the banishing portion and energetically cleanse and purify themselves and their place of ritual. This prepares the student (this is also highly profitable for the experienced practitioner as well and is often overlooked by the more advanced occultists later in their magical workings) for the Lesser Invoking Ritual. The practiced occultist means literally what is says ‘practiced’ occultist in so much that the person has fully memorized the rituals and can perform them flawlessly without pausing to reference any written work or ‘cliffs notes.’ For the Order of the Golden Dawn and a large contingent of ritual high magic occultists the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram is considered one of the most excellent daily ritual practices for spiritual development. 

The LRP is brought back into spotlight for the more advanced initiates within the Golden Dawn and other magical groups for progression into higher and more complex initiations. In fact the LRP and the Supreme Ritual of the Pentagram (SRP) may be performed strictly for extended periods for a powerful progressive evolution along the left hand path. With some witches even performing one or the other for an entire year before doing the same yet again with the other. Some members within the higher initiation orders of magic recommend continuous daily practice of the LRP and SRP throughout one’s entire lifetime irrespective of their level or degree of advancement or initiation. 

Earthly energetic currents flow more actively in the morning (hence the scheduling difficulty that sometimes arises when one is up late at night or regularly sleeps during the day and afternoon) however, this should never be a disincentive in the regular implementation of these potent and sacred magical rituals of invoking and banishing. The natural earth cycles are taken into consideration for the LRP and in a similar vein the SRP as well. The ultimate benefits of these be not necessarily arrested to the hour of the clock on the wall but of greater importance diligently performed for bringing in all those positive energies. This is also described as a harmonic alignment, or resonance harmonization of the energy body layers or ‘bands’ with positive polaric frequencies that surround us here within the natural luminiferous aether of this reality in which we incarnate. At the same time manifesting an energetic barrier against the negative (often these energetic exchanges occur in a simultaneous manner, essentially, positive energy influx and barrier against negative energies). 

The morning invocation can become almost addictive (not in a deleterious or bad way) likened to momentum and conditioning of profitable daily working of the craft, and much in the same manner the evening banishing brings about peace within our auric field and avatar totality, restoring energetic balance which allows for a much more restful and deeper period of sleep at night. This process of ritual allows one’s unconscious mind to explore the inner planes with an awakening and improving connecting link to Intent, Spirit, or Source; by which this cyclic pattern of rest without contamination from disharmonious frequencies and energies around sphere from the previous day builds and propels ever more strongly and in an energetic wholeness into the following day. This progression takes on an almost exponential curve building upon itself more and more as the rituals are performed in diligence.

This working again brings us closer to the God Force and after sleeping any guidance from Spirit obtained upon inner planes during our dreaming state will become integrated energetically with the morning working of the Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram. This process necessitates the use of both ‘forms’ or portions and unfortunately due to the subtraction or addition by some groups or magical orders takes away the brilliant potency of the LRP. The working of the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram expands our sentient force across the bands of our energetic being, across the densities of awareness (these coincide with the chakras of the energy body), saving our energies for accessing personal power which is required for manifestation and mastery over our incarnate lives here amid the World Dream. When performed with strict regularity, the LRP in it’s simplicity hides it’s very powerful nature and great effectiveness upon oneself and one’s spiritual and metaphysical development. The LRP is by design a working that is considered ‘elemental’ in nature, utilizing elemental principles for producing subtle yet noticeably progressive changes to both consciousness and to what is known as the ‘psychic censor.’ The four elements have corresponding, traditional attributes which a neophyte learns during their beginning stages of magical study. According to the structure of the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram three of these elemental correspondences are of the most importance, and they are Color, Cardinal Direction, and Time of Day. Therefore there are three correspondences of consequence for each element. 

Air: Yellow, East, Dawn

Fire: Red, South, Noon

Water: Blue, West, Dusk

Earth: Olive Green, North, Midnight

The three correspondences of consequence for each element must be memorized by heart before attempting to perform an LRP ritual. Most orders of magical teaching stress the importance of vibratory enunciation of God names; how one intones the sound of the spoken names (It is important to only vibrate the enunciation of the God names). Spoken God name during ritual release positive energy of transformation of ourselves and the space around us. Aligning with specific God Force currents and harmonic frequencies for manifestation and transformation. 

The Seldom Dreams magical school and Training with Avery will offer a plethora of of ritual and magical techniques. Ritual workings and their intricate details including God names are revealed to the student by the teacher. There are many magical schools and I will speak highly of those and their teachers when they teach adequately and from Source as with Avery and the Seldom Dreams school. When done this way it simply cannot be beaten, and assures the safety of the student while working their way to and through initiation.