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Introduction to the Runic Mysteries

Written by Avery Woodbury

Through human history the soul has been driven to embed itself into the physical world as the spirit within navigates existence. During the Bronze Age runic alphabets originated in Central Europe and through trading routes found their way to Northern Europe. Channeling upon the eternal power of the runic elements, rune stones are created out of bone, stone, and wood for spiritual elements to reside in.

The Elder Futhark is the oldest Northern European rune system. With 24 letters in its alphabet, runes are split into three Aettir, or initiation degrees. Each rune has an abundance of meanings that can be applied in different contexts and associations with other runes. The path of the shaman, or spirit walker, in Northern Europe meant carrying these magical tools with you, so they can be used for healing, meditation, divination, and mapping the universe.

To familiarize oneself with the runes is to better understand the spirit world. They serve as a gateway for others in the mundane world to feel the eternal presence.