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Introduction to The Magical Craft

Written by Avery Woodbury

Every living creature is effected by and partakes in magic consciously or unconsciously, willingly, or unwillingly. For many people magic exists only in fairy tales and the big screen. Ironically, through those mediums of communication magic controls them. A human raised in an indoctrinated society is cut off from their true origins, source, and power. Magic, or The Craft, is not limited to and only available for those with “the gift” but to any who are able to conceive the truth about the true energetic nature of human beings.

 Soul is consciousness manifest. The universe did not give birth to life, but life conceived the universe and manifested into a physical reality. The Scientific laws of conservation of mass and energy state that nothing is ever truly created or destroyed, but is either transferred or transformed that have been proven also speak spiritually. Does your energy not leave you when you shout, and imprint on surrounding people and objects? Have you ever felt drained, or then recharged? Have you ever felt transformed?

 Magic is the transfer and transmutation of energy. Energy manifests in the physical and is directed by consciousness. Since it is able to fill within and expand from the human vessel, it has endless possibilities depending on its concentration. Those who practice The Craft are able to control energy, and therefor control physical reality.

 Magic is a system of duality. Ying and Yung, light and darkness, push and pull, there are many names. Those who cast energy away leave themselves weak and vulnerable. Using Craft to harm or disrupt the lives of other not only is unethical but also sets the demise of the caster. Those who use The Craft to channel, heal, align, and improve themselves and others are able to share in the universal pool of chi energy. The basic playing field for magic is that the collective consciousness has a path and purpose; are you fighting with it or against it?

For the student Crafter begin training by testing the power of thought, written, and spoken word manifest. Have you ever wondered why language arts teach “spelling?” The most powerful tool a Crafter has is their use of language and thoughts. The ability to have control of your thoughts, which takes practice, is the beginning to developing your powers.