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Illusion in Theory and Practice

Written by Avery Woodbury

Humans are both satellites and broadcast towers; they send and receive information through energetic frequencies and vibrations. To understand the art of Illusion magicians must be able to transcend the nature of their own hardware, or flesh, and operate outside of the Matrix software. Illusion is a darker side of the Craft due to the power and room for corruption that comes with mastery. In order to grasp Illusion, a magician first is transmitted truth.

 What is real has been quested for and claimed innumerous times. Many explanations of truth only deepen the veil or contradict it as culture shifts. Those people who hold truth are often driven to insanity (in, within, sanity) due to overwhelming Matrix programming override: the ultimate illusion and masking of existence. How can truth be discovered? How does this play into the art of illusion?

 The simple answer is to knock on the door. Those who seek truth above all else will find it, and if it is transmitted, it will exist with them eternally. The validation of truth comes with the law of resonation, the sensation of being in truth’s presence. Truth’s door resides in nature, in absence of illusion. Civilization is the heart of illusion where the discourses, ideas, and possessions distract and consume. The mission is forgotten.

 Illusion creates absent-mindedness in its victims and space and time for the casters, or programmers. A horse is led to water not knowing it is being poisoned or is led to where water doesn’t exists. A host is reprogramed to serve the purpose and intent of the caster. The human hardware interprets and consumes through sensory organs. It’s common knowledge that excessive sugar is unhealthy, yet the body screams for more after exposure to high consecrations as found in candy. Another example with food is bread; it holds little nutrients for the body but creates a state of feeling full and satisfied. The art of illusion is based around the hacking of human’s sensory organs and robbing of the needs they desire so that energy can be funneled elsewhere or channeled in a specific way.

 This also applies to sight, hearing, touch, smell, and the human sixth sense. All these senses are driven by and for something, the need to fulfill existence. As stated in this article, the body is hardware, and like a computer it is programmed with software. The human brain is an unimaginably powerful computer. To replicate it’s potential modern tech would need a computer the size of multiple city blocks, yet in many cases the viruses imbedded in many leave some operating systems hardly able to run solitaire.

A healthy hardware system is working at maximum potential by being given the most powerful software, which is truth. It’s the resonation that is felt with both newborns and those who are near death. It’s the traces of source, the desire to return to Oneness. Illusion fragments, fixates, and concentrates. It drives imagination to the temporary world. Those who cast illusion fall into it, because their intention is to isolate their pleasures, happiness, and dreams; not to fulfill prophecy of the expanding source. It makes the claim that the caster knows what’s best for themselves and the universe.

The purpose of learning and mastering illusion is to transcend it, and to clear it for the self and others when it arises. Understanding and recognizing the signifiers and representations of illusion makes the universe more navigable. A beginner magician can train their understanding of illusion by watching TV, listening to the radio or reading a book while trying to grasp the intent of the creator of the content through the energies transmitted. What is the caster trying to make you feel? Why? Was the purpose to entertain or reveal?