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Hollywood Royals: The Fire Family

Written by Luckky*
Like no other, Family of Wands is known for bringing the fire. They are each a celebrity in their own right and command a social following due to their charisma, ambition, talent and striking looks. This is a gene pool of excellence. They have specializations that lead them to the top of their practice in whatever area their passions have fated for them. More often than not they are at odds with the Swords Clan yet are warriors in their own right. There are those who clash with these firebrand personalities from time to time and others who are drawn to them like moths to a flame. When not trailblazing in their chosen crafts, they can be given over to extreme examples of service and selflessness. Their philanthropic profiles can be more robust than their financial portfolios until they get that much needed advice from their more frugal Coins counterparts. The Wands are self made royals fueled on egoic drive and the self discipline to back it up. 

 The King of the Wands house is a celebrity jock type. If not rubbing elbows with the likes of Will Smith and Jackie Chan he is using the same personal trainers. Muscular, handsome and at home in the ring or on the court, his appeal is more than athletic. His laser focus determination has led to some of the most lucrative branding deals and endorsements that the world has ever seen. His fanbase is international, multigenerational worshiping one piece or another from his illustrious catalog of content. He is a professional sports master with Olympic level wins that have allied the world behind his brand much like Michael Jordan. Along with the acting chops that have led to roles in some of the highest grossing box office action movies. He is what you would call “legendary” aiming to be the best at what he is doing at any given moment.

Equal to his career of sweat he has made a name for himself as a savvy investor and entrepreneur. He holds patents for original inventions as well as an investor in startup incubators. He specializes in pivots of power. Classic car enthusiast, the King of Fire loves a good drag race on the streets of Tokyo as much as he loves his box seats in Barcelona. Still able to go toe to toe with the likes of Swarzenegger and Dwayne Johnson in the ring or on film, this king has always has presidential aspirations. For him “day off” is not in his vocabulary and does deals from the limo with his fingers in many pies, Trump style. Woe to the one who triggers his fury as he can speak incendiary curses like a fire breathing dragon, ending careers and chasing “losers” out of the profession. Mostly, the King of Wands has a tempered wrath and rarely sweats the small stuff. Saving his riches for the people, not only for his family. This is because they already have their own earnings far exceeding those of their peers. Instead he reinvests in the community he hails from with endowments to local junior varsity sports because he too came from humble beginnings. His own fitness franchises and real estate developments for public housing are his legacy. Joking at his mortality he testifies that “Father of the People” should be inscribed on his tombstone, but we know he’s not joking as much as approving a posthumous headline. 

The Queen of Wands does not share the same story of her masculine counterpart. She was groomed for greatness as most Asians are. Often a woman of first, she’s been breaking records since before she was breaking in training bras. Born of high pedigree, jumping horses, traditional bow shooting, ballet, piano and poetry were her childhood classes before she became a teen modeling sensation. Her immigrant accent has only made her seem exotic as she is a master at the game of fame. Representing her culture in a way that has set the tone for the industry. “Move over Madonna”, she has made her home in the homes of millions, enthroned on magazine covers at the center of acclaim from salons, to music studios. Her breakout single sent her to the top of the charts preceding some of the most iconic hits of the decade. She is an ageless beauty and launched her cosmetics brand that prides itself on its activism against animal cruelty. While her personal makeup artist is on call 24 hours a day and her personal witch is on retainer. 

The Queen of Fire is always ready. A photo opp with Oprah asking about her bestselling tell-all, quick kisses with Kardashians at the Fenty show and red carpet premieres with Angelina. Even if they forgot her invitation she’ll show up anyway, overdressed and voguing for the paparazzi. In addition, the agent, manager and publicist are a much needed entourage to keep her own massive persona on the golden path. Furthermore, she never knows when she’ll have an impromptu interview about her opinion on the latest hot topics with Wendy, or that ongoing feud with Beyonce. She has become a spokeswoman for battered women and children but is sometimes such a workaholic that she can find that she can lose touch with her own family. She can be consumed with her own social agenda that she can neglect the tender attention that is needed in her household and often relies on nannies, chefs, choferes and body guards to help her keep the domestic duties together. For the Queen of Wands, her personal attention to these matters is more of a “divine intervention”.

He’s got a gorgeous surfer body and a loud mouth so you can't help but notice the Knight of Wands. Born with a silver spoon he’s given up trying to live in his father’s shadow long ago and is learning to enjoy the ride. The biggest reason for this is he is a social media junky with a short attention span. Truth be told he has a talent for the tweet, the Knight of Wands is a social media powerhouse, with engagement ranging from the tens to hundreds of thousands which is pretty easy when you have a few million followers. But for what? This is a well known knight but not for the reasons you think, bursting with potential and conflicting ideas, the Knight of Wands lacks the attention span to fully commit to things beyond the selfie. When he really wants to be alone you can find him under the hood of one of his muscle cars, adding mods and customizations. 

Already starred in a couple of movies as a child star, spurred on by his mother, he quickly caved to the stereotypes and pitfalls that are all too common for early ingenus. Once known for his innocent charms his bad boy image is mostly media manufactured, TMZ commenting on every tattoo and female that shows up in his feeds. Though he has that million dollar smile that makes the masses swoon and is sought after for appearances he is at times a loner. Using Beats By Dre headphones like a helmet to drown in sounds, getting lost on Santa Monica Blvd skating around with nothing in his pockets but a black card and blunts. Snoop gave him an autographed pair of shades for his 16th birthday so he can put a rose colored filter on errythang.  Still, the pressure mounts. His world is made of the eyes of onlookers craving scandal. Only “The Crew”, the guys and gals closest to him know all his truth vs the person he is portrayed to be in the mainstream. The Knight of Fire is the rich rebel without a cause with everything to prove to the parents and press alike. 

The youngest is the real upstart. The Princess of Wands is as sassy as sriracha and couldn't care less about the world at large. A self entitled tiny titan, she has a rock-rapper's lifestyle and is determined to show the seasoned vets how it's done. Before her parents made her delete her Soundcloud and iTunes accounts she had already released several self produced tracks like “Virgin Mary Was Lesbian”, “Celebrity Slave”, and “Poor Little Rich Bitch”. By then it was too late with downloads topping around 10,000 units a day before they even knew. This Princess has brought the punk edge of the future to celebrity, a word that she hates and calls it “too zoological” on her feminist podcast, Vegan Vagina, and equates it with a subhuman slur.

Already a wiz at martial arts and following in the pioneering footsteps of her father, this ridiculously rich princess is the spitting image daddy in brains and bravado giving her music a unique clout as a fringe artist. Similar to her mom, she has a custom education that is taught by private tutors and self styled skills and converted her bedroom to soundproof dj booth and recording studio. She mixes her own raw beats and livestreams just about every weekend. Just as her older brother is a bit aimless, she is obsessive about her niche. Fame comes naturally for her and she rejects the “game” of it all. The audience is her BFF. Her unique “devil may care” aesthetic is cutting edge as she is an effortless trendsetter but usually can’t see beyond her self designed world. The ironic poor little rich girl, is a material girl, and is virtually unable to recognize her own advantages. Finding what others would call “privileges” as oppressive torpes to be shut down. 

The Family of Fire love their names in lights. Albeit a crew of cultural icons, there is a stewing tension on this team. Like a consuming inferno they sense the endless need to feed the audience and leave them wanting more and more and more. For as much as they are the fire, they are also the fodder and have endless productions, collaborations, and reinventions usually causing them to burn the candle at both ends. While they work hard to keep up appearances it's  that streetball hustle is what affords them the luxuries of their blue blood counterparts take for granted. There are interviews and photoshoots, paparazzi and occasional parades that keep their calendar full, critics clamoring, and tabloids talking around the globe.