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Dream Connection

Written by Joshua Adams 

The story of the incarnation is one’s soul narrative found within the World Dream. There is a lot going on in this… 

The symmetries of the divine emanations weave the tapestry with the craftsmanship spread thru the myriad consciousnesses according to their expressed Will To Desire. 

In the Great Dream there are levies to be fulfilled, balances that must be answered for just as the physics of our phenomenal physical reality has order to it’s operations. The occurrence of justice, the divine levy of right vs wrong exists. 

Not to confuse such a measurement with Evil, as Evil is a broad but easily definable state in which there is a total absence of love, or the total absence of transcendent resonance in conjunction with actions of incarnates within the middle pillar. Justice is related to Karma as a tab at the local bar is related to money and banking. The tab must be paid, and the Karmic system of energies comprises the structure of function in which this will occur. 

Let me share a story of synchronicity in an effort to relay the abstract designs within which we operate. 

There was a man named Bill who dealt in illicit substances. He trafficked in Cocaine during the 1980s in Eastern Kentucky. His mother and some of his close family were at one time in the jewelry business. This man, Bill the Cocaine peddler always wore a cracked crystal faced watch of an authentic Italian brand. His mother had attempted to convince her son to have the Italian watch repaired, but Bill was stubborn and never relented. 

He was eventually found murdered, becoming victim of associated criminals within the drug dealing community. Shot in the back of the head, and then robbed of his Cocaine, his monies and the Italian watch he always wore on his wrist. In the weeks following the murder of Cocaine Bill, the watch was bought and sold and traded three times. The last individual who had obtained the time piece immediately took the Italian watch to the local jewelry store to have it repaired. Which, as the World Dream would indeed have it, was the jewelry store in which Cocaine Bill’s grieving mother was employed. Walking into the store to get a repair estimate on the Italian wrist watch, the mother of Bill instantly recognized it as the watch she had tried so many times to have her son repair. It was her deceased son’s wrist watch, of this she had no doubt.

This led to the police inquiring to the succession of individuals who had bought or received the watch in some form of swap or trade. Inevitably leading the authorities right back to the individual who had broken into Bill’s home and executed him with a shot to the back of his head. Of course expecting never to be identified by the police, which would most undoubtedly have been the case if not for his greed. 

The greed to kill in order to obtain the dealer’s monies and the Cocaine. This greed was potent enough to entice the self importance and of the soul in the murder’s heart and his human form avatar’s self pity had no problem in self convincing the mind to carry out such an act. The greed itself shares in a harmonic resonance to others of lower frequency behaviors within the World Dream. This greed led to the killer stripping off the wrist watch from his victim, and then selling it for a quick buck. 

One could claim that inexperience and or carelessness was the culprit and ultimate ingredient in this murderer’s downfall. One could… but the World Dream will reproduce similar instances in which the levy of Justice must be fulfilled. Time and time again.

We are all connected. Not only before our incarnations but also here within the Great Dream itself. The Great Wheel turns and if one pays attention, the selfishness of incarnates will trigger a series of events which can be observed and therefore a deeper sense of the immaculate design among the abstract emanations will be revealed,  which produce both the souls that perceive and phenomenal world deciphered for it’s perception. Levies of energies amid symmetries of geometries answered in the divine time of the manifestation of It. Being part of a greater whole of energies let us raise our frequencies and together.