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Disposing of Spells: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Written by Luckky*

It's not uncommon for some of my clients or those new to spell craft to ask “now what do I do?” when dealing with leftover elements of their spell or ritual work. There are many options and it is always best to follow the traditions of the path you are working on but there are some universal ways to dispose of altar remnants and fully release the forces back into the universe.

First tip, Reduce. At all times remember efficiency is preferred over excess. Do you really need two dozen artisan roses heaped upon your altar, six red his and her candles each drenched in Jezebel oil rolled and in cinnamon, 5 oranges filled with spiced rum? Do you really? Then to line your path to the bathroom with the rose petals twisted in a clockwise spiral around the faucets to dip into candlelit waters saturated in pink Himalayan sea salt, buckets of rose quartz water consecrated under a Libra full moon, wild honey, and milk from a virgin goat.. Do you really? 

It's best to always remember cost and cleanup.There is a considerable amount of energy that it takes not only for you to pay for and procure these items, but also to create the items at the source. Not to mention the transport, storage and expertise in all that overhead. Real witches consider the earth and the flow of this energy so that little is wasted. By increasing your use of visualization, chanting, gestures and astral components you can greatly reduce the amount of physical materials used. Adding more of these may give you more massive effects in your manifestations.

Tip two: Reuse. Cleansing and reconsecrating objects is key because you might want to use some of these pieces again. I have been known to save wax drippings from money spells to add to a white tea candle to up the juju, plant cuttings and old incense sticks are excellent fodder for burning bowl rituals. The glass from 7-day candles can be saved to dry long blades of lemongrass that you’ve harvested from the garden, wands or even rolls of parchment paper. And don't be afraid to re-craft and add your own artistic embellishments on used items such as strips of leftover ribbon to pretty up pumpkins or doorknobs.
Tip Three: Recycle! The above will still hold some of the secret sauce of the spell work so keep that in mind. But to fully discharge energies you will need the pure forces of nature. Running streams and rivers are great places to drop food offerings cooked up for the ancestors, or at the foot of a tree. A great tree like an old oak is perfect to bury your talismans, ashes, animal parts or some earth based petitions. The rule of thumb here is about allowing flow of energy and avoiding stagnant magick in and around you, your home, or altar. By considering that all is energy be creative and conscientious to hold spirits and the earth in the highest regard. If you love the earth, the earth will love you and your magick will be better for it.