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Devil Gems

Written by Joshua Adams
I draw upon the energies and I command them
Hallowed they are in this creation
For they are substance shared in origin
With that of our very souls
May I bend whats has been established
May I change what has thus been made
By my sentience according to the forces
So Mote It Be

Precious gemstones have long been described as hypnotic talismans. For thousands of years prized by and adorning the human race they remain today a tremendous store of value. Their mystical and metaphysical properties coveted by ancient kings and workers of magic. Legend holds since time immemorial that both Adam and Eve relished the colors of flowers in the Garden of Eden. For this the Devil worked powerful sorcery within the realm of Man and there in the garden in devilish style to corrupt Man even further and for long after his guile had achieved the expulsion of the happy couple from paradise. Using his powers to mold within the Dream and Creation itself portions of stone into various colors took after the beautiful pallet of the flowers. These colors shaped according to the magical facets of Genesis, crafting gem prisms of enchantment that would work to both spell bind, fostering a coveted appeal and work as wards and weapons of magical ability for those who possessed them. The rarity and splendor of such gemstones masking before the profane these hidden properties, and the mythical, magical heritage of their supposed origin. As is a sad tradition the nature of humanity is such that they forget the past long left behind, and in this case, they forget the past and the ways gems have worshiped the glittering pebbles. Colors of the flowers tempting Adam and Even in the Garden so long ago.

Within the occult community, ancient pagan knowledge and lore hold that various crystals and gems resonate at various frequencies. The common quartz crystal is said to vibrate with the lowest frequency of resonance of nearly any physical object or substance that is of this Earth. The precious gemstones likewise resonate with their own unique frequencies, and these frequencies correspond to their color and their associated magical properties. 

Large gemstones, having exemplary mass and weight giving it an enhanced resonant effect on those who possess them than other smaller pieces of the same stone. The metaphysical mathematics here are quite simple, a magical object of very small size but of yet significant value resonates with a level of potency, and another stone of vastly greater size will naturally have tremendously greater value and resonate with vastly a far greater level of potency. It is due to this far greater potency that some gemstones passed down from generation to generation, from king to queen and so forth end up acquiring either legendary attributes of blessing or attributes of cursing, and sometimes even both. 

In the Enochian language, the angels refer to the Creation as being built upon and of three great pillars. These are call the ‘Pillars Hyacinth’ or in the English version - the Hyacinth Pillars. The word hyacinth used here by the angels corresponds to the first definition of the word in the English dictionary. Meaning: “Prized like precious gemstones, by the ancient one, likened unto Sapphire” 

Whether considered a force for good or evil, when these stones are considered as talismans gems were assigned and became known for their healing energy or their deadly potency as cursed objects in the case of some of the largest examples recorded down through history. Again this misunderstanding stems from Man’s ignorance on the subject. The size of the gemstone has direct correlation to the potency of its resonant frequency, the force and intensity which it emanates according to its particular size and gem weight. Take the diamond for example, it is given and known for two principle attributes: the quality of purity and that of strength. For extremely large diamonds the potency and intensity is palpable, and its effect on the wearer and especially so if the wearer is also the owner of the prize. So, for a very large diamond gemstone, the resonance of energetic frequency that corresponds within creation itself as an expression of purity and strength will be profound upon such a person. It can be easily explained that the person who owns and wears extremely rare and large examples of diamond in this case should be a person of deep integrity, and purity of character(not to be confused with benevolence). If this is the case and the owner and wearer of such an object reflects these qualities outwardly of themselves then wearing an extremely sizable diamond such as the Hope diamond will never become an issue. However, if the owner and wearer of such a diamond is of corrupted character and inwardly disharmonious in their being, the wearing of such an object would inevitably spell disastrous. This accounts for the medieval belief in the diamond’s ability to poison. To be worn by someone of weak character, of corrupted moral and nature is detrimental in its effect if the stone is exceedingly large, the use of powdered diamond sprinkled into a rival’s food places the gemstone substance within their body, and thereby creating the energetic reaction that culminates in disease. 

For the stoic individual, a leader, a conquering monarch who reflects solidity of character (even if ruthless in their manner) such a large diamond would resonate and magnify their strengths, making the wearer bold and daring in their transactions. 

A smaller diamond gem when worn upon an afflicted person, be it of the mind or the body will not exacerbate ailments within them but can direct energies of their avatar totality towards a higher vibration ultimately relieving them of disease to varying degree. The Emerald, the Topaz, the Onyx, and Ruby, all precious and all magical in their substance here within the supernatural genesis of creation. It may be of use to the witch, to the sorcerer to study these attributes and incorporate this understanding into their esoteric knowledge. It can do no harm, and if one were to wear such magical pebbles about their body then all the better looking they will be doing so.