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Building Fairy Houses

Written by Avery Woodbury

Fairies are multidimensional beings that can be found in literature and stories throughout the world. They are often represented as small humanoids with wings, and are known to have magical powers. When in our dimension, fairies will likely take the form of small animals, birds, and insects. Though people cannot see fairies because they don’t naturally materialize in our world, we can feel their presence. Though humans don’t naturally perceive beyond the 4th dimension, people can sense the presence of high vibration beings because we are telepathically connected to other psychoactive beings. Fairies are energy workers, and have a substantial influence of life on Earth and can change the direction in lots of situations.

 Creating fairy houses is an excellent gesture to make to the nature spirits that live near you. Though fairies don’t like to be pointed at and talked about, they appreciate the symbolic expression. In life it is wise to choose allies and energetic balances, they may cost you opportunities for adventure, love, career, and knowledge.

 A proper fairy house only uses resources from nature. Though homemade and store bought homes may me “acceptable” symbols, using the source from nature that resonates to a specific area will create a stronger beacon of energy.

 Only use resources from non-living things. Fairies are often nature spirits and seek to maintain balance, not destruction for the sake of aesthetic like humans. Great examples are pine cones, rocks, fallen leaves, bark, dead branches, dead moss, dirt, and sand.

 Fairy homes are a great way to introduce young people to spirituality. When people learn to treat energies with respect, it helps to identify friendly and malicious energies elsewhere in the world. Blessing, or putting good intent into objects (like the loving care put into building a little house) develops a stronger field of energy for all beings living near by. Making kind gestures towards fairies will provide silent guides for adventurers in the woods.

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