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Benefit of Centered Higher Frequency Energy State

Written by Joshua Adams

To see the avatar form as one functioning being of energy, one of physical flesh, mind of the ‘me’ and the ‘I’ of the soul takes time and is a subtle development. Rearranging the geometry of the body is about creating a divine form. Completely new possibilities come into play when one makes a daily, continuous effort to produce their totality of being new forms, or forms.

There are concepts and techniques employed within the practice of the occult which compel the harmonization of energies within one's energy body. Healthy mind and healthy body are integral ingredients in the nature of such endeavors. It is not necessary to parse the categorization of these elements and by extension the concepts and techniques by which this process is fostered in oneself. As they are parts of a whole working that occurs over time and just as a sports team must field all of the necessary athletes during the game if there is any hope in achieving a desired outcome. 

The process is aimed at developing the forms of mind, body, and spirit, evolving them over a period to become more efficient forms. Alighting the vortexes of energy chakra, raising the primary frequency of the energy body (which is in a manner the sum of the energies within the avatar form collectively measured against a previous or future level) management of emotion and focus such as is spoken at length in sacred texts like the Kybalion and the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. Attuning harmonization and dispensing with discord or anomalous fluctuations throughout the energy body. The correspondence with Spirit, Source, our higher density sentient formation, HGA, Daemon, etc is not only a lifeline in this struggle to overcome the discord and disharmony within our being but also the connection that benefits for our overall improved efficiency across the totality of the avatar energy form. 

The forms that exist outside of our avatar being the planets, moon and stars do far more that hang in the heavens above us. The forces they exert upon all living things directly affect our being and when we have improved our totality through diligent effort and the exercise of esoteric knowledge of the magic science doors are opened for us to make use of these celestial bodies and their energies. What was once unavailable becomes available. What was once a potent alignment of forces exacerbating the discord and disharmony of our being are transformed by an evolved state of efficiency and higher resonance of our energetic frequency. Transformed in a way that allows us to garner their potency and use it as something akin to a force multiplier whereby our innate metaphysical composition grows and improves exponentially rather than a constant gradient. A reminder that a neophyte or profane individual may have in their possession powerful God Names, or ritual inculcation ultimately amounts to little use for them as their being is out of balance, their energies erratic and disharmonious. Defeating any attempt at invoking or making use of ritual magic science. Their only option is to utilize the concepts and techniques in daily practice, gaining momentum of progress, centering their energy body and allowing the process to rearrange the energetic geometry within themselves for a future day where they will be a new creature. Existing in a state where their mind, body and spirit are balanced in unison and the energy aspects of their avatar totality have become significantly more efficient. This efficiency gained can also be described as a new state wherein the finite energies are conserved. According to the ancient Toltec sorcerers and Men of Knowledge this ability to conserve and store ones energies is the most precise definition of ‘learning sorcery’ as one does not simply memorize esoteric craft or practices and suddenly find themselves in better alignment with their purpose and their path or having the ability to access their own personal power to effect the outcome of events but instead change throughout a process that affords them a state where energy is not wasted but rather stored for achieving the aforementioned abilities. 

Take for example the distracting and wasteful effort of ‘want’ whether it is for money, or happiness, or any number of things on which one might fixate, a state of ‘want’ is in effect a internalized clinging to ‘lack’ as to want is to feel and experience lack of something or other. Meditation, visualization, saturation of the things that dispel the sensation or experience of ‘want’ by default neutralizes an existent energetic state of ‘lacking’ eliminating resistance and allowing the stored energy reserved to bring those things into our lives which otherwise would have been blocked and remained consistently evasive to our path and lived experience within this matrix construct reality. This is just one example of handling our own energy through control over thought, emotion, focus, fixation and distraction for the eventual benefit of achieving an evolved state of being. 

Over time, if the effort and diligence brings oneself to an enhanced and evolved state of energetic harmony and efficiency something extraordinary takes place. There is within the eastern mysticism and esoteric understanding a tipping point that may be reached. This tipping point can be described as the place where the culmination of our own finite efforts bring us so close in correspondence with Source, with Spirit that the state of connection experiences a flow of energy from Source, from Spirit to such a degree that the perfection of internal energetic geometries allow for an enhancement back upon us from the very emanations of Creation, the living Spirit flows into and upon our being compelling us to a state of efficiency that supersedes what the human avatar form is competent of doing, this is referred to then as a divine form. The sentient soul then exists in a divine state. Any incarnate being who attains this state could, in a most efficient manner take the inculcation, the God Names and esoteric magic science that the neophyte or the profane individual possessed and employ the manipulation of energies for profound effect and outcome. 

The misunderstanding among the monotheistic religions comes from not knowing what divinity actually is. Ignoring the nature of the universe and the cosmic forces working unseen in intensities of which they are for the most part completely oblivious of. Mindfulness, grounding the body with contact to the Earth, diligence in ritual energy work, letting go of the human tendencies to cling to material objects, or people or locations or situations, dispelling ‘want’ i.e. ‘lack’ or too rigidly identifying with the temporary incarnation they are experiencing, the ‘me’ within the myriad of sentient insertion in the World Dream, taking themselves too seriously, and letting go of fear, and exercising their changing energetic totality (exercising clairvoyance through regular practice of divination and invocation / evocation are some of the necessary techniques and concepts by which we may development the energetic geometry of our avatar form.