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10 Steps to Having the Best Tarot Reading

Written by Luckky*

Powers of empathy and intuition are rare gifts in this world and it is even less common to be able to wield these abilities on demand for the sake of another person. Experienced tarot readers are able to do this for you through training, study and practice. We pull from various scientific and metaphysical approaches that may include anything from psychology, astrology, mythology, scriptural philosophies, to occult symbolism. We strive to offer accurate predictions that will help give you clarity and see your challenges from a birds eye view.

As an intuitive myself, I feel that the term “Reader” is incomplete because we are also listeners, feelers, and analysts. Experts may use classical tarot descriptions but also any variety of tools and allies that will help bring the most accurate and helpful information. Clients who truly hope to overcome obstacles and weather the storms of life benefit from having a dedicated tarot reader they can trust to be sensitive, impartial and confidential with the most vulnerable parts of their inner and outer realities. 

Too often people expect godlike revelations and guarantees, however, what the readings really offer is a weather report of sorts and there are a variety of outcomes depending on the advice and actions you take in the moment. For example, a forecaster may say, “It will be 65 degrees today with heavy clouds so bring an umbrella.” but this does not mean it is guaranteed to rain all day. In fact the clouds may part just as you leave and you may experience a very pleasant day at the office, but there may be an explosive downpour moments before you are able to get back home and get inside. For those few moments you would be happy you brought that umbrella along. Predictions are NOT prophecies, meaning they are highly likely outcomes among many, not fated and unavoidable events. 

I want to give you some tips that will help you get the most value out of your sessions and enhance your experience so that is not simply a passive report but an active conversation between you, your reader and the cards.

  1. First thing first, be honest and explicit. The more I know about your situation the more I can uncover what is revealed in the cards. It is one thing to say “tell me about my love life” and another to say, “I am a married woman, but I am in love with another married man named Marco, we have been having a secret affair for two years, I want to know if and how I should move forward with this. Does he really love me?” The first example is forcing your reader into a guessing game of energies and outcomes, while the second cuts through the fog of conflicting inputs. Each person involved in your situation brings their own aura of karma, astrological influences and motivations. Save time, talent and your own money by being as clear and candid as possible. 
  1. It is not always required, but offer the first names and birthdays of yourself and the people you are inquiring about. Not only does this intimate information help the reader connect in a psychic way, but it can help them to more quickly identify individuals in the cards, as well as analyze their astrological tendencies at a glance. To know that I am dealing with a Sagittarius and a Gemini born 11 years apart can be very beneficial. Some readers may look to the numerological correspondence of the name and birthday, or others at the letter sequences, or even ethnic roots of names to better create a profile and receive messages.
  1. Always answer the questions. Your reader should be asking questions, maybe many questions as led by the cards and other tools. This one additional piece of data can unlock vast insight like a key to a locked treasure box. The more input from the client will give a patently more accurate reading. The questions may seem unrelated, and point to children, family, school or career, but these details will unravel complex influences on your situation and give you a better understanding of how to push and pull on external factors to get the outcomes in life that you want. 
  1. I often get questions regarding the timing of when something and this is always tricky for any reader. Sometimes exact dates will jump out as in "August 13th", but other times it can be, "the end of summer". Even, "when you finalize your divorce new romance will enter your life." I have heard some readers say, “when Mars goes retrograde in Pisces.” Sometimes I have said things like, “your separation will last 3 weeks”. So if you have already been apart for two weeks, you have one week left.
  1. Do not test your reader. Trust in the conversation that you are having with your reader and avoid looking for a side-show performance or debunking them with trick questions or information you already know. Questions like “How old am I?”, “What color is my car?” or being intentionally vague can cause your reader to lose trust in you. You want your reader to have interest and compassion for your true situation. This may backfire and lead your reader to give you less and less information and drive them to give you “yes/no” answers instead of an in depth analysis to help you reach our highest potentials. This can discourage your reader and they may want to end the session early or avoid offering you extended time or discounts. Both you and the reader want to be taken seriously.
  1. Remember to be patient. Your reader must shuffle and sometimes reshuffle for each of your questions. They must then actually read your cards, and this can be more difficult than reading a textbook to find the exact answers you seek. It may take more than 3 minutes or even 30 minutes to get to the bottom of the most challenging issues built up over 30 years of your life. Keep in mind that you are looking for advice and coaching, not fortune-telling. 
  1. Invest in the insight. Buying in bulk can help avoid the anxiety driven rush for quick answers and instant gratification. For those looking for deeper knowledge than “is Bobby going to call me today?” but for those looking to define themselves in the world, heal ancestral wounds, have groundbreaking careers, attract the love of a lifetime and build strong families it's best to have multiple extended sessions. Setting up some sort of follow up with your reader is always a smart idea to gain greater clarity on your quest as your reader may have helped you land the perfect partner or position, but now want to know how to keep it. 
  1. Journaling is the best way to remember and reference the details of your reading. Even if you get a video recording, taking your own notes will help you to recall your own impressions during the session. You may hear repeating information or recall details of a dream that will confirm something for you. Journaling can help you identify trends you may not have otherwise noticed. This can be a handy thing to look back at in your meditations or before you employ manifestations techniques as well.  
  1. Set your own intention so you are getting exactly what you are looking for each time. One example is “I am going to have a deeper understanding of how and why I self-sabotage”,  “I am going to have more control over the type of romances I attract in my life”, or “I am going to find out about my hidden magickal abilities and how to access my powers in a more impactful way”, or even “I plan to unlock my the doors to my personal wealth/health so that I can have more joy in my life”. This gives you a focus for your questions as well as a stronger sense of satisfaction after the reading is over. 
  1. Take the advice of the tarot! No matter what your reading says, nothing is written in stone. It is one thing to look around the corners of time to have an advantage, but you must quickly adapt the advice to your circumstance and take action in your own hands. This keeps you from being the person that things happen to and instead makes the person that happens to things. Seizing control of your destiny makes you a true manifestor and gives you the edge over the competition in life. Taking responsibility for your own outcomes is the first step to breaking a victim mentality and tackling shadow elements that may have plagued your family for generations or your soul for multiple lifetimes.

I hope these 10 tips are helpful for you and they give you some simple tools and a perspective when you go into your next tarot reading. By implementing even just a few of these additional tactics you will notice steeper gains in your goals, and a stronger alignment to your karmic path while on earth.