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Advanced Training

Advanced Training

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The purpose of this training is to give the adept the tools to either work with Seldom Dreams on an advanced level or start their own organization or business entirely. Through working with Seldom Dreams, the adept will channel their talents towards building community and wealth through the Craft.

Taking this course requires completion of advanced arts or by special approval of Seldom Dreams after apprenticeship, due to the baseline information required to grasp and use the new techniques, applications, and concepts. 

Do you seek mastery of the Craft? Limitless depth of sight into eternity, command at will manifestation, and a limitless hunger and potential for growth and development? With 20 hours of consultation time and email correspondence through the journey, you will quickly ascend through the ranks of the ethereal hierarchy towards your highest and best version.

The purpose of this service is to train the aspiring magus towards their true will. All aspirants have their own path and will be guided accordingly. Through tarot readings, astrology readings, and training in skills such as divination, spell casting, enchanting, manifestation, summoning, and rituals your true gifts will be restored and so will your memory of who you truly are.

The aspirant has 20 hours of time to schedule with Seldom Dreams over the course of 2-6 months. Sessions can be booked at 15, 30, or 60 minutes at a time at calendly.com/seldomdreams . These do not have to be scheduled all at once.

After purchase, the aspirant should email avery@seldomdreams.com their intentions for this apprenticeship. If the aspirant does not yet know their path, Seldom Dreams will help with that revelation during the apprenticeship. Curriculum is flexible and personalized.

If you have any questions, email avery@seldomdreams.com.

Legal disclaimer: Seldom Dreams is a religious practice and does not replace medical, legal, financial, or therapeutic counseling. Seldom Dreams is not responsible for decisions made by the customer after the reading.

No shows will not be refunded and will be assumed if 10 minutes late. Rescheduling must be requested at least 5 hours before the scheduled reading for a new appointment. If you are late, a full session may not be guaranteed if another appointment is after you. Please be ready 5 minutes early.