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Hyacinth Pillars: Vu Ialprt Parisuv 'The Flame Grimoire' (digital download)

Hyacinth Pillars: Vu Ialprt Parisuv 'The Flame Grimoire' (digital download)

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Vu Ialprt Parisuv "The Flame Grimoire" is both a continuation / exposition on the Supreme Gnosis introduced in the first book of this series. Hyacinth Pillars is to a trinity, books having their own magical timings to deliver substance to those seeking after such kind. Called forth, delivered, and just as their secrets do reveal, supernatural in their manifest part of the ALL.

Hyacinth Pillars "Vu Ialprt Parisuv" The Flame Grimoire is the second book in the Hyacinth Pillars occult trilogy. Following after E'Ta De Gergori ie. "Language of Angels", the first in this series, which focused on the Gnosis of Creation and the language of the Elohim, commonly referred to as 'Enochian'.

Through divination and evocations with specific Angelic beings, the origin and special significance of the language of the Angels is continuing to be revealed. The knowledge allows for transliterated rites of evocation and words of power into the most potent form of the 'Pillars' since the seven fires of the Libraries at Alexandria. Combined with the Mystery School rites only now being revealed, producing the most powerful form of Hermetic Enochian Sorcery in living memory.

The Grimoire contains Goetic Daemons of the four domains, with eight specific Enochian summonings. There are 292 Goety across the four domains, with several of the oldest known dark entities from the time of Sumer and Babylon. Also, the names of Solomon's 'Sons of God' with their Hebraic, and their Enochian name are within this book as well as transliterated summoning for the Teruze Gergori written of by King Solomon. The Liber Logoeth Sectus De Sanctus is now revealed to be the 49 Elohim names and Enochian summoning given to John Dee by the Gergori Elohim. The 30 Calls pf the Aethyrs have assisted in the metaphysical development of practitioners for many years, ever since the Golden Dawn presented from LIL to TEX as the Calls
They were correct for their time. This is not an issue, but it is time, as we approach the end of the 4th age to reveal the entirety of the 30 Calls of the Aethyrs, along with the 20th Key, the Harvest Gebofal working, All transliterated with phonetic enunciation.