Hyacinth Pillars  E’Ta De Gergori 'Language of Angels' (digital download)

Hyacinth Pillars E’Ta De Gergori 'Language of Angels' (digital download)

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Hyacinth Pillars is a book of occulted knowledge on the Enochian language. Beginning with the Elohim Genesis story to reveal the origin of the Enochian 'language of Angels' and shedding light on the fundamental construct that is reality. Hyacinth Pillars was written in order to provide information on the spoken form of the Enochian language, an updated 2019 vocabulary, nature of this universe, incarnation, and the relationships between Sorcery, Physics, Cosmology and the ancient language of the angels. The ritual portions cover Meditations, Invocations, Evocations, banishings, 144 Goetic Demon names and classification and 144 Gergori names along with specific summonings for each domain of Demon, and the Gergori of the four Watchtowers, and more. The book is geared towards experienced ritualists. Non Linear transliteration of all invocations, evocations, as well as the Enochian Keys(Calls). Including the Gebofal (Apocalypse Working).