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Alice The Wonderland Oracle Deck
Alice The Wonderland Oracle Deck
Alice The Wonderland Oracle Deck

Alice The Wonderland Oracle Deck

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The rebel declared: “I am the Emperor of the Dream, the Hierophant of divine Fire, I am the Lord of Wonderland”

Representative as it is, the magic is real and is felt through the cards of this fascinating tool of divination. In stories much is told of the dreamscape, the place of Alice’s journey and adventures through the fantastical Wonderland. There is also much left untold, of magic and power in the metaphysical realm where wicked queens portray aspects of authority and obstacle in place of the real world’s edifices of authority and transitional obstacles into adulthood. This oracle set of cards possesses in itself some extraordinary and deep meanings which are meant to illuminate oneself along their path through this life. To aide in the navigation through the tempest of adulthood.

“ to help you find your way through the rabbit holes, labyrinths, pools of tears, mad tea-parties and unjust courts of life”

An amazing creation by Lucy Cavendish (Author), with amazing paintings by artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith. The forty five card Alice In Wonderland Oracle deck was a hot commodity in the Tarot community when it was released in early 2018 and remains so today. For straight answers, for divining the truth of feelings and the truth inherent in your own or a querent situation this deck can do this in spades. In appearance perhaps a sweet and innocent oracle, but quickly revealed in readings these cards will tell the whole story and more.

Printed on sturdy card stock, and sized a it smaller than standard oracle cards, the Alice In Wonderland Oracle often becomes the preferred oracle for professional readers and avid enthusiasts of cartomancy.

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