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Victorian Fairy Tarot Deck
Victorian Fairy Tarot Deck
Victorian Fairy Tarot Deck
Victorian Fairy Tarot Deck
Victorian Fairy Tarot Deck
Victorian Fairy Tarot Deck

Victorian Fairy Tarot Deck

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Created by author Lunaea Weatherstonewith Gary A. Lippincott as Illustrator, the Victorian Fairy Tarot is designed to obtain gifts of insight from Spirit and solve everyday problems. The sophistication and regal aesthetic of the Victorian era comes together in this deck of divination with the romance and wisdom of the Tarot.

This set comes with a book on fairy lore and in-depth descriptions and interpretations for each card. The companion guidebook also offers detailed instruction on the Tarot and how to use the deck. It is certainly one of the best companion books ever included within a set of Tarot. The Victorian Fairy Tarot is a standard traditional RWS system deck (Rider-Waite Smith) and among the numerous decks crafted within the standard format it is a shining example. Being a traditional Tarot of the 78 card RWS both newcomers to divination and adepts alike will quickly begin garnering accurate readings with this set. As is often done, names of cards, typically the Major arcana will be given a variant name that closely mirrors the traditional RWS names, the Victorian Fairy Tarot presents the following Major arcana in the following names:

  • The Goblin Market - (The Devil)
  • The Stars - (The Star)
  • Fortitude - (Strength)
  • The Conjurer - (The Magician)
  • The Seeress - (The High Priestess)
  • The Vicar - (The Hierophant)
  • The Fairy Bride - (The Lovers)
  • The Wheel of Time - (The Wheel of Fortune)
  • The Magistrate - (Justice)
  • The Burning Oak - (The Tower)
  • Awakening - (Judgement)
  • The Worlds - (The World)

The suits of the Tarot are presented under the following names:

  • Wands – (Spring Court)
  • •Cups – (Summer Court)
  • •Pentacles – (Autumn Court)
  • •Swords – (Winter Court)
Designed by the priestess and author Lunaea Weatherstone has been a valued member of the pagan community for over twenty five years, the Victorian Fairy Tarot has been a passion project for her and it shows. Lunaea has imbued this Tarot with energy and intent of Goddess Spirituality; doing so as Grove Mother for the Sisterhood Of The Silver Branch (Portland, Oregon). Partnering with the well known illustrator and artist Gary Lippincott who has done work for fellow renowned artists as well as winning awards for his fantasy artwork. His mystical fairy imagery was the perfect fit for the Goddess Energy the Grove Mother Lunaea wished to enchant upon the Tarot. Placing on the cards a unique title font, with a borderless card aesthetic, Gary’s watercolor artwork depicts winged fairies engaging in all-too human experiences and situations. Even within the traditional RWS system the image iconography is wholly unique to the deck. Representing the traditional card meanings this deck along with numerous thought provoking additions which facilitate the flow of Spirit energy from the divine Source. Experienced readers of the Tarot will immediately connect with their clairvoyant energies through this deck and collectors will value this addition to their collection as it remains in limited production to maintain it’s collectable value. The Victorian Fairy Tarot is one of the finest examples of the divination tool produced in the modern era.

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