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I am a Magician tarot card reader, that’s a fire 🔥 spirit and a fire Magick energy magician, Alchemist using the Magickal energies with fire, tantrik and light code energy for shadow work of all types of trauma, past lives, present situations and shadow work around financial issues, and grievance, past family karmic baggage. Ascension process sessions to help navigate these energies, journal teaching on creating your own magick on manifesting on creating your own reality and guiding you to being the best version of you.

1. Tarot card reading with pre-consultation on shadow work.
1 hr $111
2 hr $222
3. tarot card reading with Tantrik Fire Magick meditation clearing and shadow work.
2hr $333
Half off when specials are announced.
3. Tarot card readings with light code meditations. 2 hr sessions
4. Tarot card 3. tarot card reading with Tantrik Fire Magick and light code Meditation shadow work.
Between 2 and 3hr sessions.

All shadow work Includes Journaling prompts and links to meditation sound tracks. This is your homework.
All sessions include readings from multiple tarot decks to suit your needs. Most sessions take up to 2 hours minimum. All sessions are done in the evening. Except around Full or New Moons. Weekends in the evening can be scheduled.
Shadow work sessions as needed can be done every 7 days at a monthly bundled rate of $555.

Seasonal specials will be announced, and community friends are open to discounted rates.

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