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Luckky* is an experienced psychic medium who has dedicated over 20 years to Tarot Studies, Divination, Biblical Messianic Prophecy, Christology, Christian Mysticism, Hebraic and Kabbalistic Studies,Theology, Metaphysics, Futurology, Occultism, Quantum Science, Astrology in the Bible, and Mazzaroth. Luckky* draws upon his Gulf Creole and Cherokee Freemen Ancestry to channel meaningful and moving messages.

As an expert reader, Luckky* creates clairvoyance for others in matters of identity, love, emotions, wealth, sociology, and power. He practices tarot, talismanic, Elemental, Ceremonial,  and Spirit Magicks. Luckky* is also deeply versed in New Orleans Voodoo and Hoodoo.


  • Pan-African Identity and Psychology
  • African and African American History
  • Bible as Literature, Myth, Allegory, and Esoterica
  • Ethical Studies, Civil Rights, Logical Thought
  • Masters in Education, Learning and Technology
  • Bachelors of Arts from Tulane University
  •  Double Major With Honors in
  •  Media Arts and Public Relations


  • 5 years Christian Youth Minister and Mentor
  • Teacher of over 7000 children world wide in Literacy, 
  • Technology, Science, and Religion


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