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Tarot Reading and Consultation (30 min)

Tarot Reading and Consultation (30 min)

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Tarot readings and consultations with Seldom Dreams create insights into the energies and forces at play in everyday life. A querent can expect revelations, uncovered mysteries, or a deeper understanding of self after a reading. The querent is paying for time, not quantity of questions or cards. Multiple decks are ready at hand to guide the querent in their questions. The querent may also request a consultation session without tarot cards or request other tools such as dice or runes to be included.

Sessions are done over Skype, Zoom, or phone call. If those options are not possible, email avery@seldomdreams.com to request another platform. a prerecorded video less than 30 minutes may be made and sent via email if preferred. Though not required, you are welcome to supply any astrological information of involved parties you feel necessary. All readings come with a photo of the tarot spread.

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Email avery@seldomdreams.com with any questions.

Legal disclaimer: Tarot is for entertainment purposes only and does not replace medical, legal, financial, or therapeutic counseling. Seldom Dreams is not responsible for decisions made by the customer after the reading.

No shows will not be refunded and will be assumed if 10 minutes late. Rescheduling must be requested at least 5 hours before the scheduled reading for a new appointment. If you are late, a full session may not be guaranteed if another appointment is after you. Please be ready 5 minutes early.