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Custom Prerecorded Tarot Reading

Custom Prerecorded Tarot Reading

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Tarot readings create insights into the energies and forces at play in everyday life. A querent can expect revelations, uncovered mysteries, or a deeper understanding of self after a reading. The querent is paying for a single question to be answered in a prerecorded video to be emailed. Prerecorded videos are approximately 15-20 minutes long.

After purchasing a reading, email Avery at and receive a reply within 48 hours to confirm your preferred card spread, deck, and astrological attributes of involved parties (sun sign is the minimal).  All readings come with a photo of the tarot spread, and will be delivered within two weeks after your purchase.

Legal disclaimer: Tarot is for entertainment purposes only and  does not replace medical, legal, financial, or therapeutic counseling. Seldom Dreams is not responsible for decisions made by the customer after the reading.