The Hyacinth Pillars occult series is a continuous revelation on the Luciferian Gnostic 'Prisca Theologia" A Divine, Satanic Gnosis on the Genesis Creation and the Grand Narrative of the Godhead. Illumination for the Ancient Community, and the sibling scions of the two princes, one of Peace, and one of War. The series begins with Language Of Angels (E'ta De Gergori) followed by The Flame Grimoire (Vu Ialprt Parisuv), King Of Princes, Enochian Chants ~ Kundalini Sorcery, The Temple King (Vu Rhon Ado) Resurrection Of 22nd Abstract Core, and The Darkness Tarot ~ Authentic Tarot Of The Atlantean Witch King. Currently the seventh book is being written, with a scheduled release date in January 2021.

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