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Hi, I’m Simone! I'm a 1/3 Reflector, student and facilitator of Human Design. 

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Human Design is a system that beautifully synthesizes: Western Astrology, The Kabbalah, The Hindu-Brahmin Chakra System, The Chinese I-Ching, Genetics and Quantum Mechanics. This system creates a chart called a bodygraph when entering your birth data. Your bodygraph will show you how energy flows through you, as well as illuminating your gifts and shadows in this lifetime, and how to harness them to allow flow in your life and to release any resistance.. When I first discovered Human Design, I, like many of you, thought it was just another esoteric study that I wasn’t going to be able to understand. I was a bit overwhelmed with the abundance of information that was in my chart, and felt lost trying to understand it all. I struggled trying to navigate what aspects I should focus on first, and where to even get information from. For the first six months of knowing that I was a reflector I had a very difficult time finding accessible and easy to digest information about my type, strategy and authority. I went on to do lots of research and reading, and found the magic and logic that truly resided in the Human Design system with the more research that I did. I knew from that time on that I wanted to share this system in an accessible and inclusive way. I want to invite you into this judgement free space to learn about yourself through the lens of Human Design. There are so many aspects of you that are just waiting to be unpacked, and I would be so honored to assist you by curating a personalized thrive guide of your personal chart for you! 

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