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Ouch! That Hurt!

Ouch! That Hurt! 

A Study on The Uses of Blood From an Injury and How They Differ from Typical Ritual by Caduceus Johnson, Madame_Claire_Sentient

For as long as history can remember, there have been practitioners of magick in some form or  

another, and as long as there have been magick practitioners, blood has been used in various rituals.  Now, I’m not here to go into ethics and safety: how you aquire the blood is an issue of common  

sense and morality, and this particular study focuses on the uses of blood acquired by accident. Think of all the times you stubbed your toe and the nail bled, or you were in a rush and cut yourself  shaving. You probably didn’t think “this would be a perfect time for some magick,” but I’m hoping

this study will make you think a bit differently the next time you catch you finger in the hinges of  an old door. 

So in order to decide how best to use this blood, we have to first determine What’s even in it. No, 

I’m not just talking about the wealth of metaphysical power held in a single drop of blood, which  can easily be researched elsewhere, but the altered chemical and cellular makeup of blood for a 

trauma wound. For that, we’ll need a bit of study 

According to this study on the metabolic and endocrine response to injury, the human body releases  a lot of adrenaline via the bloodstream when it sustain trauma.  

This study on leukocyte responses to injury details the increase activity of white blood cells  following the drawing of blood. 

Finally, this study on the importance of endorphins in pain management gives us hints to another  

useful chemical found in the blood pooring forth from accidental trauma. 

So, based on these articles, we know that blood from an injury contains increased amounts of the

following chemicals and cells: 

-Leukocytes, as well as lymphotytes, white blood cells responsible for boosting the immune system  and providing a physical barrier against infection via clotting. 

-Adrenaline, also known as endocrine, a powerful stimulant responsible for the infamous  fight/flight/freeze response as well as giving the temporary power to perform great feats of strength, 

speed and endurance. 

-Endorphines, such as dopamine and serotonin, which act as both feel good chemicals and pain 


Based on this information, we can derive a list of correspondences which the blood could be used  for, some of which may be useful as an immediate response to dropping the steak knife on your foot 

(your klutziness is reaching a legendary level…) 

-Happiness, drawn from endorphins. 

-emotional numbing, drawn from endorphins (as above, so below!) 

-emotional, physical or spiritual strength, drawn from adrenaline. 

-emotional, spiritual, and physical healing, drawn from white blood cells. 

-resilience, drawn from white blood cells. 

-protection, drawn from white blood cells. 

How you perform the ritual is up to you, though unless you’re such a devotee to the occult arts that  

you have a candle and matches on you at all times, it’s best to simply use the blood symbolically  without physical action, possibly speaking a simple prayer or incantation such as “blood of  

adrenaline, give me strength” or “blood of endorphins, quell my pain.” 

however you use this knowledge, may it be to your power and further development on the path to  spiritual greatness, and remember, “do as thou will is the word of the law!” 

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